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1991August 27, 1991 (1) - Through you, who think you are unworthy and poor!

Message on August 27, 1991 [morning]

After the morning Mass, I entered the Chapel at about 6:40 a.m. The Blessed Mother's statue looked very sad with her eyes congested with blood. I thought she might begin weeping.

At about 7:40 a.m., when a priest, my husband and a brother* were offering candles, tears began flowing on the statue. The priest held the Blessed Mother's hand and cried loudly. Then, it became bright, as rays of light were coming from the Blessed Mother's crown. A loving voice came from the statue.

(*In Korea, the lay people are often called brothers and sisters.)

My chosen children! Now is the time for purification. Hold my hands of burning mercy tightly. Actually it is not you who are holding my hands, but it is I who have called you and am holding your hands. Now renounce everything, follow me completely and practice and spread my messages of love. Then, through you, who think you are unworthy and poor, great miracles of love beyond anyone's imagination will be accomplished.

Oh, my beloved children! Thank you so much for consecrating yourselves totally. But many children are dispersing. To assemble them again with the love of my Immaculate Heart, you must build the Basilica in a hurry. Make haste with a faithful heart. I, who am the Helper in Redemption, sincerely wish that all the dispersed children repent, become purified and offer themselves up with sacrifices and reparation. Then, I will make you the Lord's glorious garland of flowers.

When she ended these words, the light disappeared and it became quiet.


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