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1991August 27, 1991 (2) -The Lord will rebuild upon the destruction by the devil.

Message on August 27, 1991 [afternoon]

I was praying with the priest, the brother (both of whom had prayed together with me in the morning) and about twenty other pilgrims. At about 12:30 p.m., the Blessed Mother began admonishing us anxiously with a soft loving voice.

My beloved children! Listen well. I implore you. Now is the time for purification, but many children are confused because of the words that are not from God. My enemy, the devil, is promoting confusion and division at many places in the world by deceiving people with tricks and even by using phenomena that appear to be supernatural. He performs many unusual tricks that can confuse even the good people. To promptly recognize the devil's violence in his attempts and to come to the refuge of my Immaculate Heart, you must build the Basilica of Mary's Ark of Salvation fast. Help me.

You must pray and love more fervently so that everyone may avoid condemnation and be saved. I will help you. Just as Daniel, facing death in the lions' den, was rescued by God as he had sought God's justice and entrusted everything to Him, the devil attempted to topple Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and lead the world to destruction, but he was rescued by God from the devil's hands and the world was saved from the crisis of destruction, because he sought God's justice and walked the just way and because the little souls offered constant prayers and sacrifices.

Do not worry, but follow me with full trust in me. The Lord will rebuild upon the destruction by the devil and will cure the wounds. The world is going against me, but there are faithful little souls who are praying by my side. Therefore, combine your prayers and achieve unity. When fervent prayers of poor souls reach Heaven, God's just anger will be appeased. Pray and pray again.

I came to this world as the Lord's Helper to save you in this age fallen into danger. When you renounce everything and follow me completely, my role as your true Mother and the Lord's Helper in saving the world will soon be manifested clearly.

The reason why I was chosen to be the Lord's Helper was to give the opportunity of salvation to everyone. Keep in mind that you were also chosen to be my helpers. Accept my words well so that all may be saved together. Offer yourselves up completely remembering my Son, Jesus Christ, Who was offered as a living sacrifice. I will give you the garment of my fragrance with the love of my burning Immaculate Heart.

At that moment, there was a strong fragrance of roses and the Blessed Mother's statue was smiling happily.


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