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1991December 5, 1991 - These signs from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation.

Message on December 5, 1991

The Blessed Mother wanted a Mass at the site for the Basilica at noon today. Ten people went to the mountain, but we were all looking at the miracle of the sun from noon and began the Mass fifteen minutes late.

The sun was radiating many colors upon us and upon the site for the Basilica. The sun turned into an image of the Host and was spinning with many colors around it: red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, light green, violet, and so on. Then, there was a column of strong light emitting different colors and connecting heaven and earth. After the priest's blessing, the Blessed Mother, holding the Baby Jesus, appeared near the sun. It was so amazing, because it looked as if the column of light connecting heaven and earth was erected there by the hands of the Baby Jesus and the Blessed Mother. At that moment, there was the kind and soft voice of the Blessed Mother from the sky.

My beloved little souls! The sun is light. The Lord Who came as Light is shedding light on you by opening Heaven. These signs from Heaven signify the mystery of salvation. They also mean that the Lord is with you and is blessing you and this land. It means that my victory is being accomplished in you, who obey me in a simple way, on this land of love illuminated by the Lord's Light according to God's Will. This way, the darkness of evil permeated with errors, with selfishness that prevents your self-renunciation, with passions and with all kinds of sins and uncleanness will be driven out.

My dear children! The glorious day of victory for my Son Jesus is approaching in the midst of the Sacred Love of Mercy. For this reason, the heavenly light will become brighter day by day through you who have responded to me. Trust me completely and unite with each other to save the world.

The light continued radiating upon us, even after the Blessed Mother ended her words. The miracle continued until sunset. "Lord! Glory, praise and thanksgiving to You!"


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