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1992February 11, 1992 - Do not worry about results, but follow me like a child.

Message on February 11, 1992

There was a message from the Blessed Mother after the evening Mass in the Sacramento Church in Manila. I had arrived there on February 7 to spread the Blessed Mother's messages in the Philippines. The Mass was celebrated by the Pastor in a most fervent way. I received Holy Communion and began meditation. At that time, I smelled a strong fragrance of roses and incense and heard a kind, loving and soft voice of the Blessed Mother from Heaven.

Achieve unity in love among all of you.

I looked in the direction of her voice, but could not see her.

Yes, Mother! We are children of one God and one Mother. We speak different languages, but surely are brothers and sisters loving each other. We are now close brethren.

Yes. You have become brethren through the Lord's Precious Blood. I, your Heavenly Mother, will always be with you to help you love one another more deeply like dry land thirsting for rain. Do not worry about results, but follow me like a child. Then, I will embrace each one of you in my Immaculate Heart and bless you by pouring down fragrant oil of love upon you.

The Blessed Mother ended her words and it became quiet. People said that there had been some fragrance of roses in the church since that morning.

Mother of Love who is everywhere in the world! I pray that the Lord's Kingdom will come and the triumph of your Immaculate Heart will be achieved soon.


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