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1987December 11, 1987 - Priests who come to me, who is weeping, will receive love and light.

Message on December 11, 1987


A light similar to sunlight was shining from the weeping statue. The statue turned into the living Blessed Mother and began speaking. Her voice was serious but also friendly and warm.

My beloved priests. I brought them here. I brought him (Father Rene Laurentin) here from a distant land. I chose the date of his coming and also changed the flight schedule so that he could testify.

He will inform the Pope. He is a very little, simple, graceful and beloved son of mine.
It is urgent that people put the messages into practice. But prayers are lacking. If the approval can be obtained soon, many children walking toward hell will change their course. It will also become a shortcut to world peace. That way, the prayers of Korea's blessed children will be answered faster.

Many children gather under my mantle, but they disperse easily. So, help me.
Priests who come to me, who is weeping, will receive an abundant light and a burning love from me. Good-bye!

(Father Raymond Spies had asked Father Laurentin to visit Korea from December 7, 1987 so that he could arrive in Naju on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Gimpo International Airport is near Seoul, and Naju is about 200 miles south of Seoul.; but Father Laurentin had a busy speech and travel schedule and could arrive in Seoul on December 8 at the earliest. Suddenly and unexpectedly, however, many flight schedules in Asia changed and Father Laurentin was able to arrive in Seoul on December 7 and in Naju the next day.)

Fr. Rene Laurentin who came from France to see the Blessed Mother of Naju (December 11, 1987) 


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