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1988January 1, 1988 -The Rosary defeats devils.

Message on January 1, 1988

The Blessed Mother's statue shed blood from her eyes and nose from about 10:15 a.m. She appeared to me in my ecstasy. She spoke filled with sorrows and shedding tears of blood. I was weeping in pains.

In this age when the whole world is in need of unity, this nation (Korea) is being divided and unable to love one another. It is painful enough to be divided between the South and the North. Why do you distrust, hate and resent each other and confront and fight with each other? You are all brethren, one nation and children of one God.

What should we do?


Pray that you may be united. Offer reparations and prayers. Also ask all priests to offer fervent rosary prayers for unity, to remember the voice of the Lord on the Cross all the time, to avoid getting angry and to make reparations for the sins of those who do wrong unknowingly. They will convert at a proper time.

God the Father was going to punish (this country) severely for the intense strifes, but the small sacrifices and penances offered by the little ones together with me helped to avoid this. More penance is needed, however.

Today I will gather all of you under my mantle. Since you know my pains, I want you to spread the messages to all so that my beloved children may receive the light from my Immaculate Heart and that my tears and blood may not flow in vain.

As I told you before, the rosary defeats devils. Tell all the faithful to offer five more decades of rosary prayers. If they pray more for the unity of this country, it will be saved from a calamity.

My Mother Mary! My beloved Mother who is suffering because of the division of my country and because of the lack of harmony within my country! I pray that all you wish will be realized so that it may become a glory to the Lord and a cause of our unending gratitude.

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