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1988January 10, 1988- Never try to become higher than others.

Message on January 10, 1988

Because of the severe fatigue and pain, I went to bed early but could not fall asleep. As my mind was full of thoughts about the Blessed Mother, I got up and went to the Chapel at 11:15 p.m. and began praying the rosary. I only prayed one decade by 12:40 a.m., as I was crying with the Blessed Mother. I entered an ecstasy at that moment and saw the Blessed Mother wearing a crown on her head and holding the Baby Jesus, Who was not wearing any clothes. She handed over the Baby Jesus to me and said that we should become like a child. After the Baby Jesus touched me softly several times, the Blessed Mother received Him back and said that it would be difficult for anyone to enter Heaven unless he or she becomes like a child. The Blessed Mother, shedding tears, was extremely beautiful. She was smiling and was filled with love. Instead of the veil, she was wearing a laurel crown decorated with twelve shining stars.

Daughter! Forget about your weakness and remember my love. As my love will sustain you in your weakness, empty your heart. Only then, would I be able to work in you. Give me even your present sufferings. There are always some temptations to overcome in this world.

Daughter! You know that the children who love me will be tested a lot. Yes, you are going through pains of labor. I hope there will be more children who can suffer such pains, but most of them hurt me while suffering.

You understand that there can be birth because of the pains of labor that you suffer now, don't you? Help save many souls by patiently suffering these pains and remember the rewards that I am preparing for you.

You should know that everything will be purified through love, as gold becomes purified in the furnace.

My little soul! However many good works you may have accumulated, they will collapse one after another if you neglect little things and speak ill of others. Be slow in opening your mouth and control your tongue wisely. When you feel like criticizing others, cover them with love. This will be a good work, too. Be holy in your words and deeds.

Daughter! You feel very anxious now. I am anxious, too. It hurts my Heart so much, when I see my intensely beloved children who should climb up into my love and seek the treasures of Heaven harming their own souls by trying to become higher than others, by being jealous and resentful of others, and by having doubts about my mercy.

My daughter, practice humility. This will give me a special, precious joy. Never try to become higher than others. Your penance, kindness, sacrifices, and reparations become a fragrant oil for my wounds.

My daughter! Have a special love for my children with whom you work. The devils of pride, envy and resentment have an eye on them, because they try to become higher. You must practice love through sacrifices. Didn't I tell you that all the devils will be defeated when you practice love? Unite. Unite by loving one another.

There is something I want to show you. You know well that I wish to tell everyone through you.

There was a high mountain with fourteen stairs to the top. There also were trees by the stairs, bearing fruits whenever we did good works. But, when we judged others or committed other sins, the fruits of good works fell off to the ground. It was difficult to climb up the stairs, as I saw some people falling down from halfway to the top, others not going straight up but going in a circuitous way, and so on. Above the fourteen stairs was Heaven. There were God the Father, Jesus, the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph. All the Saints and Angels were welcoming us with loud, joyful cheers.

They were looking at every deed of ours without exception. The largest fruits came from repentance and conversion. When we suffer pains and offer them for other people, the light shines on them and the fruit of good works is borne for us. Those who die after climbing even one step will go to purgatory. If one reaches the fourteenth step, it is almost Heaven. The fifteenth step is Heaven. I was trembling, because so many people were falling off the stairs. The Blessed Mother spoke.


Did you see, daughter! It is easy to start climbing the stairs, but it is so difficult to complete all the fourteen stairs (the fourteen stations to Golgotha Hill). Therefore, tell everyone to be careful not to fall off the stairs and turn all the accumulated good works into nothing. Good-bye! An-nyoung!


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