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1988January 30, 1988 (1) -When the sufferings are great, rewards will be great, too.

Message on January 30, 1988 [9:45 - 11:45 a.m.]

I was suffering, because people were criticizing and judging each other and, therefore, were unable to achieve unity. As I began suffering the pains of the burning Immaculate Heart, the Blessed Mother appeared weeping, suffering and looking sorrowful.

In the small room upstairs, I was throwing up and suffering without a moment's rest. The Blessed Mother loves us so much that she speaks to us even to the extent of throwing up blood in order to save even one more soul. But people do not understand her or follow her. She tries to embrace all, but they refuse. Because of this, she feels much pain in her arms.

The Blessed Mother is thirsty, because unity is so hard to achieve; people make promises easily but do not keep them; and there are many priests but they do not fill her dear children's spiritual needs.

The Blessed Mother speaks (to Julia's helpers):

Father Spies is also suffering pains. But don't worry. Many priests will be persecuted, but I am going to help them.

My pain is intense, because so many of my children are not accepting my messages. Pray much so that the messages will spread fast. You did not come here on your own, but by my call. Do not leave me. Until I call you, you must work with Julia and help her. I will prepare your rewards. So, trust and follow me. When the sufferings are great, rewards will be great, too. Different responsibilities are assigned to all of you, as you are different members of the same body and have different functions. Do not refuse the cross given to you. I will purify you by placing you in the furnace of my love and melting your impurities. Children, achieve unity.

Many members of the body must form a unity and love each other. But they are not accepting the Love of God. How can God help?

So, you are called to be the apostles of my Immaculate Heart and, therefore, you must accept me well and share each other's burdens.

Do not weep or worry for my pains, but make the Passion of Jesus known all over the world. Some priests and religious do not carry out their obligations properly and fall into sins of impurity. For this reason, Jesus is being hit by more arrows and is bleeding on His Head with more crowns of thorns. But there are no children to wipe away His Blood. Therefore, the Immaculate Heart must be made known quickly. My Heart is being torn apart and my throat is burning with thirst, but there aren't many children who are helping. Combine your efforts. My Son Jesus and I are trembling with cold, but who is giving us clothes? I feel thirsty, but who is quenching our thirst? My womb is being torn apart because of abortions, but how many have you prevented them?

Priests, priests, my beloved priests are falling into sins of impurity...

I am suffering so much pain. Pray and sacrifice incessantly for priests. Pray for them with sacrifices and penances so that devils may not tempt them.

I also feel sorrows because of the Divine Office offered out of habit by religious.

If you truly love me and love your neighbors, then, you are loving Jesus and will be appeasing the just anger of God the Father. When my messages are spread to the world and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened and the terrible punishment will be turned away.

My dear children! I called you with love. I will protect you until the end of the world and until you come here where I am. So, hold onto my arm tightly and follow me. I will guide you, when you do penance, sacrifices and reparations and when you joyfully consecrate all the poor souls. I will fight on your side when you fight the war in the world. I will help you.

Because I called you to be apostles of my Immaculate Heart, devils will become more active and tempt you. Hold my hand tightly so that you may not fall into temptations.

Your goal should not be just to prevent wars. This country is going toward a division because of hatred, jealousy and resentment. So, your sacrifices are necessary. You must work together holding each other's hands.

People are carrying out abortions even at this moment, causing an intense pain in my womb. Pray the rosary more fervently.

You are brothers and sisters united by love. So, do not fight because of jealousy and selfishness. Instead, love one another and work in unity.

My dear daughters! My beloved souls! Whenever you sin, my Heart becomes torn apart, bleeds and bleeds in vain. Now you must pray for the conversion of sinners and pray the rosary more fervently for peace in this country and in the world. As I said before, if you offer more rosary prayers, this country will avoid a calamity. I want all the faithful to do it . . . .

If all of you unite, this country will triumph. I love this Korea. I have loved Korea so much. Now I am here. If you unite, you can overcome any temptation. Hold each other's hands for unity. As I hold your hands, you must hold all others' hands. I will embrace you all.

If you do not unite, more blood will flow from my eyes and I will suffer more. Give alms to me. Give alms to this Heavenly Beggar.

You will live in my Immaculate Heart. So, rejoice and put your heart on heavenly matters, desire heavenly things, renounce self-love and walk the way of self-renunciation and of a little person's love. Come back to my bosom and become a comfort to me.


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