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1988January 30, 1988 (2) -They will surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

Message on January 30, 1988 [10:30 - 11:30 p.m.]

While I was crying a lot because of many kinds of severe pains, the Blessed Mother appeared and called me. Her appearance was as usual, but she looked taller than before and also very sad and full of pains. She spoke very intimately and lovingly.

My beloved daughter, who has to experience much pain! I did not shed tears in vain. I called you, a weak and poor child, to lead the whole human race to the road of redemption. So, what can I do about your suffering? What can I do, if you feel sad? So, do not be troubled too much. Since a long time ago, I have been tempering you with pains from the fires of justice. You even said that God was harsh. I can understand.

So much pain has been given to you. Your heart is pierced with a sword, stops functioning and becomes cold on the cross, which is a terrifying instrument of torture. Frightful pains that come from twisting your arms and legs (with heavy wooden sticks) and crushing your heart. Your heart becomes paralyzed because of the countless arrows. Your body is full of wounds from scourging and becomes unmovable. Your throat becomes so dry that you cannot even swallow saliva. Your head is bleeding under the pressure from the crown of thorns.

But I tell you again that, through such terrible pains that you suffer, the spiritually blind will see, those chained to the world will be set free and many souls imprisoned in darkness will return to the Immaculate Heart.

Do not worry about those who are against us. Those who have ears will hear; those who have eyes will see; and those who practice my messages are accepting me and, therefore, will experience a renewal of their souls. They will surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

So, my daughter, rejoice in your sufferings. Offer me all your pains?even the smallest ones. The burden of atonement is heavy, but I will be with you as you climb Mt. Calvary with Jesus in love. An-nyoung!

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