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1988February 4, 1988- My messages are founded on love.

Message on February 4, 1988

Father Spies came to see the Archbishop of Kwangju and also witnessed the weeping of the Blessed Mother's statue in Naju.

He arrived at about 10 a.m. with Sister Dina and saw the tears on the statue. He began celebrating Mass at 11 a.m.

Overnight, the statue had moved forward a few steps looking toward the side window. Father Spies was thinking about this as he was getting ready for the Mass. He thought that, only if the Blessed Mother wanted, she could go back to her original place and look toward the altar. That way, she could participate in the Mass better.

"Should I move her back to her original place or should I put her on the altar so that she can see the people better? Is she going to walk back to her place by herself? . . ." With these thoughts in his mind, he did not make any decision. When the Mass started, the Blessed Mother gave an answer through me. (I was attending Mass sitting on the floor because of pains.)

Julia! Tell Father Spies. I can go back to my original place by myself. But I prefer to be placed there by the priest. I do not just mean the original place for the statue but my original place as the Mother of the Church. I should be respected by all, but, instead, I am despised, abandoned, neglected, handled carelessly, and avoided. I feel much sadness in my Heart. Help me quickly.

When Father Spies heard the message, he asked me to help move the statue back to the original place. I stepped forward to help despite the pain. When I stretched my hands to assist the priest, however, I almost screamed, because my two hands were punctured and bleeding.

Daughter! You must help me in the rear by offering pains.

Julia: Yes, Mother. I will follow your will.

I fell down and entered a state of ecstasy at the moment the priest was giving a blessing at the end of Mass. The Blessed Mother showed me many children who were walking toward hell, because they did not have love.

Daughter, look. I have chosen numerous souls with love, but they are giving much pain to my Son Jesus by considering themselves lofty and deserting my messages, which amounts to a betrayal. Jesus continues suffering on the Cross, because they scourge Him cruelly and despise and insult Him.

My daughter! My Son Jesus paid a dear price to save the poor, sinful souls ,the souls who are walking toward ruin because of their hypocrisy, ingratitude and indifference. Do not have any doubt in following my wish that you offer your sufferings graciously to lead many souls to the road of salvation. Also, believe that when you suffer much, you accumulate much joy in Heaven.

As my messages are founded on love, mercy will overflow in any soul who repents and practices the messages.

Daughter! I am being comforted by Father Spies, who is a simple and little soul. I rejoice, because he offers his fidelity and love fervently.

My little daughter! My daughter who has to suffer pains! Will you participate in the Lord's Passion so that many souls may return to the Lord?

Julia: Yes, Mother.

Receive this pain for the sake of the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and priests. Also for the conversion of sinners.

I received intense pains of the Cross, the crown of thorns and the heart (Whenever people sinned, spears, arrows and sharp swords pierced the heart). After about twenty-five minutes, Father Spies felt so much compassion on me that he blessed me, ending the pains.


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