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1988June 5, 1988 -I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins.

Message on June 5, 1988

I had been in bed for several days because of the intense pains?not even able to go to the bathroom. Several people had to help me. But it was a great feast day and I did not want to stay in bed. Because of the pains, I prayed more fervently that the Lord wash the dirt away from my soul and help me work more effectively as His instrument. While praying, I went to church, supported by others, and attended Mass. In the church, I was not able to keep myself sitting up and had to be supported by Mark, Philip and Martha. It was a pain that would have been unbearable without love for Jesus. I cried and offered up the pains.

The Blessed Mother was extremely beautiful. She was about 165 cm (5' 5") tall and was holding a rosary in her right hand. She was wearing a white dress with a white mantle stretching from head to feet. The hems of her mantle were sparkling gold. Her burning Immaculate Heart was red and looked like it was moving. About seven swords pierced her Heart. Under her feet were three roses white, red and yellow. Jesus was bleeding and a bright light was radiating from His whole Body like the sun. Above the Crucifix, there was a white dove radiating a bright light.

Jesus! Many of Your children aspire to see You, but are unable to do so, because they don't know how. Please start a fire of love in them. I will offer my sufferings, though inadequate, for them. Help us. Even in this, not my will but Yours be done.

I received Holy Communion and, when I was coming back to my seat supported by Philip and Mark, I felt my mouth being filled with the Body and Blood of Jesus. I was smelling blood, too. Then, I felt as if I was floating in the air and fell down to the floor. At that time, I heard a strong voice of Jesus from the tabernacle.

JESUS: Look at Me!

I was very surprised when I looked in the direction of the voice. Jesus was there bleeding so miserably. The Blood was not falling to the ground, but into the beautiful chalice and paten on the altar to be brought to us by the priests. The Blessed Mother, our Mediatrix, was standing by Jesus.

She always looks beautiful, and, today, looked particularly anxious and very shiny. She suffers pain, because Jesus is bleeding for His Love for us. But she rejoices, because, by bleeding, He comes to us, sinners, and, by our receiving Him, we become renewed and united with Him. For this reason, the Blessed Mother wants and prays that each and every one of us renounce the ego and receive the Holy Eucharist with a clean heart. Jesus speaks.

I am still bleeding on the Cross to save the whole human race and My Blood will not flow in vain. I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins. My precious Blood is a special medicine that will open the eyes of the sick souls and wake up the sleeping souls—through priests. I am so troubled that people receive Me out of habit and with indifference.

I wish to pour down all My Love upon all the souls on this earth. Help them participate in the heavenly banquet (=the Blessed Sacrament).

My Mother Mary has often encouraged frequent confessions. But many children make the confession without a sincere repentance or even try to receive Me without going to confession (when it is necessary). A confession out of habit or without a true repentance is an insult to Me and will not enable one to see Me. Therefore, let Me work within you by confessing your sins with a sincere repentance.

I also want to tell you that I desire to pour down all My Love upon all the children in this world, but too many of them cannot meet Me because they do not go to confession.

Those children who have a true repentance and a desire to meet Me in reconciliation but are unable to go to confession can still receive Me by promising to make a good confession. But, if that promise is not kept, it will constitute an even greater sacrilege. When the promise is kept, I will set a fire of a greater love in them than in the case of a confession out of habit.

It is My Love that prompted Me to come down to this world and call the sinners rather than the just. I want everyone, without a single exception, to belong to me and I am relying on My Mother Mary for that. Therefore, by following her, you will be following Me.

Come now, all the children of the world! Today, as always, I become a sacrificial offering and am waiting for you. Let's gather at the heavenly table and share Love. When you open your heart widely and return to Me, I will not question your past, but will bestow the cup of blessing on you.

My little soul! I ask you again. Pray for the Pope, My Vicar, all the Cardinals, Bishops and priests. Offer sacrifices and reparations without ceasing so that they may carry out their duties loyally. I want them to follow Me with self-renunciation and poverty. I entrusted all the work to them and so, all the liturgical celebrations they offer are what I offer. Without penance, how can they follow Me? I want you to offer more sufferings and reparations so that they may carry out their duties faithfully. Little, hidden sacrifices are what comfort My Heart and help precious graces flow into all the people.

I send My Love continuously to My High Priest, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests. My Mother will help them so that My Love may flow abundantly into all the souls. Have total confidence in My Mother.

Jesus gave a blessing and I made a Sign of the Cross. As I was coming out of the ecstasy, the Pastor also was giving the blessing at the end of the Mass. I found my body restored to a normal healthy condition. Those who saw this were delighted and amazed.

Truly good Jesus! You have such a great love for sinners. I am a sinner who deserves death, but You shed Blood for me. I cannot even find words to express my gratitude.

Jesus! When Your precious Love is transfused to the whole world, it will turn into a paradise. But how sorry it is that so many of Your children do not understand this precious Love, make their own judgment and walk toward hell. You feel so lonely because of this.

Jesus! I am Yours, though unworthy. Make me Your dwelling place and be comforted.

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