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1988July 27, 1988- I cannot look at those numerous sins committed with eyes.

 Message on July 27, 1988

From 11:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., I received the pains of delivery. My womb began hurting intensely and my eyes were also hurting so much as if pricked with thorns that I could not open the eyes.

The Blessed Mother was curing the wounds of the babies who had never been born but aborted. The pains of delivery were in reparation for the sins of mothers who killed their babies before birth. Through my pains, Mother Mary was giving them the spring water of grace for their repentance.

If we try hard and entrust everything to Mother, we will surely be comforted. The pains in my eyes were because of the pains the Blessed Mother suffers in her eyes when she sees numerous sins of the humans. I could not see the Blessed Mother, but heard her voice.

Daughter! I feel anxious when I see you suffer so much. But I feel comforted by your willingness to sacrifice even your life for many souls, as they will repent thanks to your sufferings.

Mother! I am only a truly unworthy sinner. This sinner belongs to you completely. Let your will be done.

Thank you, my daughter! You think you are unworthy, but, as all of you are precious to me, you are also an indispensable instrument for me.

Mother! I am only an unworthy instrument. I will not spare anything for my Lord, even if it means a complete laceration and destruction of my body. Help me walk toward you, Mother, as a useful instrument.

Don't your eyes hurt very much now?

Julia: Yes, Mother, they do.

I cannot look at those numerous sins committed with eyes. You and I are doing penance for these sins. You are also suffering the pains for the aborted babies and for the conversion of those poor souls who carry out abortions. These pains will not be in vain.

Julia: Mother, thank you. Make fuller use of me, your instrument.

These sufferings ended, but I could not fall asleep because of the remaining pains. I was able to endure them, because the Lord was with me. I still could not open my eyes.


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