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1988July 29, 1988 -Abortion is murder.

 Message on July 29, 1988

I suffered the pains of delivery and the pains of unborn babies who were struggling and screaming to avoid being killed.

It was Friday, a day of rest, but, in the morning, there were thirteen visitors who had leprosy. Despite the pains, I went out supported by others and shook and kissed their hands. I prayed for them fervently.

As I was struggling with pains alone in the room, Mark and Martha came to say good-bye to me before starting their journey home after many days of work. It was 3:40 p.m. My abdomen was becoming larger and the pains of delivery and of unborn babies began. I entered an ecstasy and heard the Blessed Mother speaking.

My beloved daughter! Can you take more pain?

Julia: Yes, Mother! I will take any pain, only if it can help them be saved.

Thank you, my daughter! Today five thousand souls will convert and be offered to the Lord thanks to your sufferings. We must let many people know that we are suffering for them. Many souls will also receive the grace of conversion by learning about the images of aborted children.

People are walking on the road toward hell, because they commit cruel murders and yet do not know they are murderers. These little lives are deprived of their human dignity and receive terrible punishments that their parents deserve. Aren't these punishments too cruel for them?

I am overcome with sorrow, because these innocent lives, precious lives given by God, are cruelly trampled, brutally kneaded, crushed, torn, and killed by ignorant and indifferent parents.

Therefore, I want to show you these little babies begging for their lives and, thereby, convert many sinners and bring them back to me. Tell everyone that a little baby is not a bloody lump, but has a life flowing in it from the moment of conception in the mother's womb.

Julia: Yes, Mother! Let all the things you wish be done.

Pains started, as my posture became that of an unborn baby with two arms crossed, two hands holding knees, and crouched legs.

"No! No! No!" there were loud screams because of the pains caused by the steel sticks used to kill the babies. It was hard to describe the babies' screams. "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" These little lives were trying to avoid the steel sticks calling their mothers countless times. It was no better than hell.

With the posture of a baby, I was jumping and rolling around in the room and writhing in pains. Mark and Martha could not handle me and, so, called several other people to come and help. They all became exhausted.

An unborn child who wants to live implores its mother.


No, Mommy! No, Mommy! No, Mommy! I want to live, Mommy! Let me live! Mommy, let me live! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!!! . . .

Repeating these screams countless times, the baby was running around for life. Actually, I had not eaten that day and was completely exhausted. If it were not for a supernatural mystery, I could not have jumped around so forcefully for three hours. I suffered the pains of being killed after struggles four times...
nThose who were present in the room wept so much that they could not even pray.


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