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1988November 6, 1988- I want to bind you all together into one with a string of love.

 Message on November 6, 1988

How I miss Akita! I still feel sorry that we did not spend even one night or have enough time for prayer in Akita, whereas, in Tokyo, we spent two nights. But I feel joyful by remembering that Bishop Ito, Sister Sasagawa and other Japanese Sisters were happy and amazed by the photographs of the Blessed Mother's statue in Naju weeping blood for priests (taken on April 23, 1987) and that we all shared the same love of the Blessed Mother.

At 11 a.m., we attended Mass in the Franciscan Hall in Tokyo. The Mass was celebrated by Cardinal Stephen Kim, the (Japanese) Pastor, and also Father Ki Sun Oh, Father Keum Koo Chang and Father Byung Il Kim, who came to Japan together with me.

It was a special joy to see our Cardinal in Japan. Back in May 1987, I had attended the Mass offered by Cardinal Stephen Kim in Manila, the Philippines, celebrating the unveiling of the statue of Father Andrew Kim. Now we were in Japan offering Mass together again!

At the time of the consecration, there was a sound of wind from above, and the front area behind the Cardinal became foggy. Soon there was the Blessed Mother?extremely beautiful, wearing a white dress and a white mantle. She looked exactly the same as in Naju. She was standing a little higher than the Cardinal holding a rosary in her right hand and praying. It seemed that she was standing on clouds. As she was stretching out her arms, bright light was radiating from her hands like the sunlight and shone upon the Cardinal, the priests and the faithful present there.

Then, her appearance became that of the wooden statue of Akita. Her beautiful and gentle voice was the same as in Naju.

Look at me. Isn't my present appearance that of the wooden statue in Akita?

My symbolic images look a little different from each other, but I am the same Mother in Heaven who has been appearing and imploring with tears at many places in the world.

Listen well. It is I who called you here. It is not by accident that a Mass is being celebrated here by the Cardinal and Father Oh from Korea. I want to bind you all together into one the Cardinal, priests, the lay people... and Japan and Korea with a string of love. I ask you, because more prayers are needed for unity.

This age is becoming too evil. Because people should entrust everything to my Immaculate Heart but are not doing so, they fall into temptations by the devils. Thus, they make preposterous errors insisting that evil is good.

Greater sacrifices and self-renunciation are necessary, because the majority of the shepherds are also falling into errors as they are not leading a life according to the Gospels.

Even within countries, people are fighting in division rather than uniting and are trampling peace by hating instead of loving each other. Thus, the fire in my Immaculate Heart is flaming up intensely, because people are not practicing my messages, become fanatic slaves of the world, close their minds to the precious opportunities to share love and are wasting everything because of their selfishness.

This is a time when nations are confronting each other causing evil to spread in all directions and making the dangers more imminent. I ask for more prayers with trust and love so that nations may unite with each other, individuals may join together and, thus, the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart may be established.

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