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1986November 5, 1986 - God the Father's just anger is overflowing.

Message on November 5, 1986

I saw the Blessed Mother nailed to the Cross suffering excruciating pains. I took part in her pains. They were so hard to endure. As she was speaking from the Cross, I was repeating her exact words without realizing it. Some of my helpers wrote down what they were hearing.

Is there anyone who can lower me from the Cross? Moment after moment, there are more people who crucify me. I am suffering on the Cross together with my Son Jesus.

Help me. I cannot appease God the Father's anger without your help.

Can you participate in my sufferings? . . .

Because of birth control and abortions, I feel extreme pains in my womb. Little lives are roaming about in limbo after having been deprived of their human dignity and treated only as a lump of bloody flesh which was a consequence of the human cruelty, desecration and failure to recognize the dignity of human life. Pray and soothe their wounds and offer atonements for the sins commited at night.

Do you see the blood flowing out of my throat? God the Father's just anger is overflowing. Because I love you all, I am holding on to you all even to the extent of vomiting blood . . . in order to save even one more soul that is failing.

I will stay in you, if you renounce yourselves and come to me. Unite with one another in love. If you do, Satan will retreat. Become apostles of my Immaculate Heart. Console me by doing so.

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