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1987February 25, 1987 - Receive the light of my burning Immaculate Heart and shine it uponall the people.

Message on February 25, 1987


While I was praying and contemplating for the conversion of sinners, the area around the Blessed Mother's statue became bright and foggy. There were angels flying over me. They looked so pretty with short, curly hair. The color of their wings was grey. The statue turned into the living Blessed Mother. As she was lifting her arms, two streams of red light began radiating from her hands and spreading like the sunlight. She spoke, while shining the light. 


THE BLESSED MOTHER:                        
My beloved daughter! When you come to me by walking on the path of a little and poor person, which is a narrow and difficult path, a painful and lonesome path, and a dangerous, thorny path, I will hold your hands. So, come to me. You will receive heavenly consolation. Come to me by becoming a more and more lowly person. I am preparing a laurel crown for you.
Now, my daughter! Look at me. Receive the light of my burning Immaculate Heart and shine it upon all the people living in darkness. I will be with you.


I am so powerless and unqualified . . . But I am a servant of the Lord; let it be done to me as you wish.
Yes, that's it. Who can say he or she is qualified? What is needed is a determination to live according to the Lord's Will and make an effort to repent with tears before the Lord when mistakes are made.

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