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1987March 13, 1987 - Many families are getting sick.

Message on March 13, 1987


While I was in deep meditation with my eyes closed in front of the Blessed Mother’s statue, it became bright. I opened my eyes and saw the Blessed Mother’s statue changed and shining. I felt as if I was floating in the air and felt a close union with the Blessed Mother. 

THE BLESSED MOTHER:                  
Oh, my daughter! Look around you. This world is being covered with darkness, as sins multiply. There cannot be peace in the world, because many families are getting sick. The couples combined together to live a happy life are becoming isolated individuals, as they are unable to forgive and love each other and are becoming jealous, resentful and hateful of each other. My daughter, see how serious family troubles are.

She showed me the scenes of many families like those in a movie. Only a few were trying to live according to the Lord's Will. The sick families looked so terrible and miserable. Conflicts between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, between husbands and wives, among brothers and sisters, and between parents and children . . . Their eyes were burning with hatred and permeated with poison.  They were hating each other, because their thinking was self-centered. As the adults were fighting and hurting each other, their children were being trampled on. The wounds gave rise to more wounds. What a tragedy that they had to go on living like this! Insisting on equal rights between men and women . . . unforgiving to each other . . . the devils were clapping their hands and giggling in an ugly manner for the divisions and hatred they had promoted. Even those who believed in God were falling into temptations frequently because of their weakness.  This was offending the Lord and giving Him such sorrows.

Mother! . . . What can I do?
Help me open my eyes. My eyes are bloodshot because of the shocks from all sorts of insults. Wipe away my tears that flow everyday.
Teach me what to do.
Tell people about your family. The life you have lived has not been yours. I have guided it since a long time ago. It was not an easy matter to select one family. I will give you the strength to overcome difficulties, as I called you and chose your family in this age when many families are sick and, as a result, the world is deprived of peace and is being covered with a thickening darkness. Live a consecrated life filled with constant prayers, sacrifices, penance and love.
How can I do it?
Do not think that you have been living a chosen life because of your perseverance . . . . I have planned and prepared your life and you have consented to living accordingly. So, do as you promised. Good-bye. An-nyoung! ("An-nyoung" is a short form of the the Korean equivalent to "Good bye". It is normally used between friends and by anyone to a younger person in a friendly way.)
Mother! Please tell me more.

I kept asking, but she did not say any more. 


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