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1987April 21, 1987 - Do you know how intensely my Immaculate Heart is burning?

Message on April 21, 1987

After I suffered the pains of crucifixion for two hours, the Blessed Mother spoke through her statue.


I want you all to participate in my Work of Salvation, united with priests. Keep the Bishop informed through your spiritual director so that many of my children may participate in my Kingdom. Do you know how intensely my Immaculate Heart is burning to save even one more soul that is contaminated with sins and is weak? I want to save souls from the miserable vice that makes them live as blind people, even though they have eyes, and makes them live as deaf people, even though they have ears. I want to help them renounce themselves and amend their lives.

When they do renounce themselves and return to me, I will become their strength. I will give energy to the weak souls and help them free themselves from sins.


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