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1987April 23, 1987 - Devils are so active and are employing all the available means to destroy priests.

Message on April 23, 1987


The Blessed Mother began shedding tears at about noon and tears of blood at 5:30 p.m. Her tears of blood were reaching her feet. Her statue turned into the living Blessed Mother.

Daughter! Today I shed tears of love burning in my Immaculate Heart for my most beloved priests to wash their wounds and console their hearts. I want you to become their comforters, too.
Priests!! My most beloved priests are now walking on the path of loneliness and a painful cross. They are climbing Mt. Calvary tired and suffering. They are walking on an alienated path of the cross, suffering many pains in their wounds. Help them. For the conversion of sinners who are deeply mired in evil habits and to follow the Will of my Son Jesus, priests are carrying the burden of teaching the way of love to the numerous souls who despise and ignore them countless times and the burden of offering sacrifices and reparations for those souls. I want you to pray with me for them so that they may not be infected by the world but be faithful to their vocation. They are my sons who deserve respect and love by all.
Mother, what should I do?
Listen well and tell people. From now on, all of you must treat priests and religious like your parents who gave birth to you. You must also become their comforters. That is because this age is very evil and filled with errors and, because of this, devils are so active and are employing all the available means to destroy priests. They know that they gain more by ruining one priest than destroying one thousand or ten thousand lay people.
Now, look. Those who left the priesthood had been good priests. That is why I am praying shedding tears that they do not walk on the road to hell but repent. I want you to pray for them, too.
Now, look! Many priests are suffering because of the criticisms by those who have family-life vocations. How can you, who have been called to family life, judge priests and religious, while not being able to be faithful to your own vocation? Why are you trying to remove the speck from others' eyes while missing the plank in your own?
My most beloved priests . . . I implore you today to wash the wounds of my priests whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without hurting my eyes. (This is an idiomatic expression in Korea used by adults when they talk about a child whom they love very much.)
Mother, tell me.
Be awake and pray. It is my Son's wish to save many souls through them (priests) . .  . The religious (the nuns)! Pray for my beloved daughters. They have many knots in their hearts. They have a human nature just like yourselves and, therefore, can make mistakes. Whenever they do, offer them up with prayers.

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