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1987May 17, 1987 - I ask the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all priests.

Message on May 17, 1987

While I was in a deep contemplation after praying fifteen decades of the rosary, the Blessed Mother implored with an anxious voice.

I ask the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all priests.
You must carry the cross and pray together at Gethsemane in order to save this world contaminated with errors. Share the pains that my Son's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart suffer.

Always be awake and pray at Gethsemane to avoid falling into sins of impurity. Love alone will lead you to Jesus.

Oh, my sons! Live with me so that I may not be disappointed. Offer up small sacrifices, because my Heart is filled with sorrows for those who commit sins. Do not seek your own satisfaction, but love me in a simple way.

Satan's violence is increasing day after day with a terrible force. He is becoming more active to make even fervent souls reject me. Help me. I will give you the light from my Immaculate Heart so that all of you may save your souls. Be apostles of my Immaculate Heart by receiving the light from my burning Heart.


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