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1987June 14, 1987 - Let's die again and imitate Christ.

Message on June 14, 1987

It was late at night. I was praying and whipping myself, fervently imploring the Blessed Mother. The weeping Blessed Mother embraced me warmly like a close friend and like an elder sister. She spoke with a merciful and soft voice.

Do not brag about anything. Instead, have humility and love. Do not own luxuries. Daughter, let's live like a pilgrim and a traveller - until you reach the bosom of your Heavenly Mother.

Always be poor and little. Serve all in everything all the time. Daughter! While following the footsteps of the Saints for the sake of Jesus, do not concern yourself too much with criticisms. Even when you suffer pains from others, give them peace. Through sacrifices and penance, do the things that can benefit them.

Everyday, lower yourself further thinking about Jesus on Mt. Calvary. Through poverty, humility, obedience and purity, keep going down from the high place to the low place following this Mother who wants you to walk the way of perfection. 

Shouldn't we become more humble like Jesus who chose to be humble? Change your life further - throwing away every attachment. Change your value system. 

Live a life of conversion. Convert every moment and converse with Jesus. Conversion does not just mean repenting sins. It means trying to live the life that God wants you to live. 

Abandon the worldly life and live a life based on the Gospels. 
Live like a lily. As the higher-grade protein gives rise to a more foul odor, the shiny things of the world entail a greater darkness. Let's die again and imitate Christ.

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