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1987June 29, 1987 - I am carrying the burden of reparation for you.

Message on June 29, 1987


As I was praying in preparation for the second anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears, a golden light and a blue light came from the altar in the Chapel. I fell and received the pains of crucifixion, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart. The Blessed Mother appeared at that moment. She was wearing a sparkling crown and was carrying the Baby Jesus. The Baby Jesus was wearing white clothes with golden hems and was holding a blue globe with a small cross on it. When my pains were over, Jesus and the Blessed Mother blessed me and others. The Blessed Mother's voice was overflowing with love. It was the most loving voice I have ever heard.

Daughter! Many of my children testifying for me are living without self-renunciation and, therefore, are unable to spread love as they should.

 Mother! Tell me. I am unworthy, but will spread your love.

Even at this moment, it is necessary to make more sacrifices and do penance because of the sins being committed by many of my children. For this reason, you need to suffer more. By doing this, you are participating in my sufferings. When you accept my words, my messages will renew and change your souls. In this age filled with errors, even my beloved children are being deeply permeated with errors. Because of this, I wish to spread my voice through you. I wish to save the people in the world from darkness by shining the light from my burning Immaculate Heart upon them. Therefore, become a sacrificial victim.

Teach me, Mother!

I am carrying the burden of reparation for you; so carry the burden for others. There are too many souls who fall into hell and bruise my Heart. When you offer penance and prayers to compensate for the sins and ingratitude of so many souls, they will be saved.

I love you despite your weaknesses. I want all of your love to be directed toward me. I want the lay people to obey the Pope, cardinals, bishops and all the priests. They are my most beloved sons and received the power to forgive the sins of countless people who have become contaminated with sins. For this reason, even my Son Jesus comes down from Heaven to earth in obedience to them.

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