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2023Message of Love from Jesus received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on June 28, 2023

Message of Love from Jesus received
by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on June 28, 2023

A few days prior to the prayer meeting for the 38th Anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping Tears, my pains intensified more because I suffered continuous attacks and torments from the devils that are filling the sky and the earth. The devils grabbed me by the neck as if snatching it away and strangled me so that I could not receive Holy Communion. As a result, it was hard for me to sip water. The pain was so intense that I felt like my neck was broken. While I was lying down, the devils suddenly made me bite on the interior of my cheek forcefully, resulting in a piece of my flesh being torn out, a hole inside my cheek, immense pains, and a very bad bruise. 

Due to the devil's attack, Julia's mouth was badly bruised 
and a piece of flesh was torn out from the interior part of her cheek.

Besides, there were many other pains which almost caused me to lose consciousness. I offered up all these pains joyfully for the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, for the conversion of sinners, for the bishops, priests, and domestic and foreign pilgrims who would participate in this coming prayer meeting, and especially for the spiritual and physical health of all the volunteers who were putting in lots of hard work to prepare for the prayer meeting.

For several days, I could hardly sleep writhing in pains throughout the whole night, and it was already June 28th. Then, I was told that there had been many damages to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain because of the heavy rain on the previous night. 

I was so sorry that I prayed in tears. “O, Jesus of Mercy in Glory! Receive praise, gratitude, and glory forever and ever from us, unworthy ones. Amen! Currently, we are very short of volunteers as well as other things at the Blessed Mother's House. Those here have already been hard at work preparing for this prayer meeting but now they are taking pains again to repair the recent damages done to the Blessed Mother's mountain. Please grant special energy and strength to Your children (the volunteers) so that they may not feel fatigued and weak. Please bless their hands, bless every step they take, and grant them spiritual and physical health to persevere through this trial. 

For all the clergy and pilgrims who are on their way here in order to participate in the anniversary prayer meeting, please let them arrive here safely. And for the Archbishop who is already here, priests and all the pilgrims, please grant them numerous graces to the point where they can't carry the graces on the head or back.”  ***
*** This expression is a metaphor Julia uses to emphasize the abundance of the graces that will be granted by the Lord.


At that moment, I heard Jesus’ voice. As I was looking toward the direction where the sound came from, It was the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory that I have enthroned in my residence. I saw Jesus speaking while moving. Next to Him, God the Father was giving His blessing and the Blessed Mother was also blessing us. 

Jesus of Mercy in Glory said: 
“My adorable daughter whom I love! While falling and collapsing under the weight of your heavy cross, you, through the practice of the Five Spiritualities, offer up graciously even the pain of death for the conversion of sinners, saying that your pain is a happy pain! Do not worry.

Because of the degradation of the human race, the world has already reached the edge of the precipice of destruction. However, through your sufferings, as though your bones and body have been crushed into powder (粉身碎骨), which are being offered up to save this miserable world headed for destruction, countless souls who are now coming to visit My Mother and Me will be healed spiritually and physically. 

My extremely beloved little soul who is the Apostle of My Mercy in Glory! Do not be concerned, for I will be with you, the little soul, who is working for Me. Satan dispatched all the demons that are filling the sky and the earth to destroy this Holy Naju Shrine where graces are being poured down like the waterfalls, but I will repel them away by the light of My Mercy emanating from My Sacred Heart; I will even heal your (plural) wounds they have inflicted on you. 

All My beloved ministers and children in the world! I will build anew over what Satan has destroyed, with the help of you who are working in unity with My beloved little soul. If you do not turn back but practice the Five Spiritualities, you will surely see that My Sacred Heart will triumph.


When you spread the Messages of Love from Me and My Mother who is pleading with Her Tears and Tears of Blood, you will experience pains. But I will lead you, who have been specially called from all over the world, to a lofty sanctity so that you may throw off the mask of errors with your mouth as with a double-edged sword, make known the truth clad in the armor of the Five Spiritualities, and spread the light of My Mercy in glory throughout the whole world.


Even in the midst of all kinds of persecution and ordeals, My little soul never gives in and is joyfully offering up her unceasing pains of double death, screaming the agonies of death for the sanctification of the clergy and for the repentance of sinners, yet she cries out that she is unworthy and unqualified. If you are united with her and practice the Five Spiritualities, and if you do not turn back but follow My Mother and Me in an innocent and upright manner, even the sins of the world committed against the dignity of God the Father will be extinguished. 

My priests and children who are called because you are extremely loved! 
Eventually, in the light of God the Father, all forms of falsehoods, obstacles, manipulative acts, cunning thoughts, and slanders will disappear like fog in the bright Sun. Do not worry but have complete faith and trust in Me, and practice the Five Spiritualities. When you practice the Five Spiritualities, dwelling within My Mother's Immaculate Heart and My Mercy, your every action will be led by My Mercy in Glory and you will live as little souls. 

When the Messages of Love from My Mother and Me are accepted in the Church, and the Five Spiritualities are well-practiced, the just wrath of God the Father will be softened; the order and the truth of the Church will be restored; and the cunning devils and Satan who are instigating confusion and making waves will fall eventually. Then, on the last day, you will possess the tree of eternal life that Adam and Eve lost and will be escorted by the angels to Heaven. You will receive and wear laurel crowns and enjoy eternal happiness next to Me with My little soul.”


While Jesus was speaking, He was moving, and the time was 3:33 pm then. I took some photos as the light of the rainbow was granted on the Sacred Heart of the holy image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory. God the Father, Jesus in-motion, and the Blessed Mother are seen on the photos.




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