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2023Message of Love from the Blessed Mother, received by Julia Kim of Naju on the First Saturday, October 7, 2023

Message of Love from the Blessed Mother, 
received by Julia Kim of Naju on the First Saturday, October 7, 2023

The excruciating pain I have suffered has persisted for approximately a month, and this suffering is beyond comparison to any other pains I’ve ever experienced. My systolic blood pressure continued to rise, reaching levels exceeding 230, even though I took antihypertensive drugs every morning and evening. I was also tormented by severe heart pain and headaches that felt as though my heart and head were on the verge of exploding, and these discomforts persisted relentlessly. 

Even breathing became a significant struggle, and I felt as though I might meet my end right there. While preparing for my impending death, there are some things I absolutely must get done before death. I tried to work on it, even taking strong narcotic analgesics, but it did not alleviate my suffering. 

I eventually collapsed and was rushed to the emergency room, but regrettably, nothing provided any relief. Under those conditions, I welcomed the first Saturday of October. It was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, which was also a meaningful day as it marked the 23rd year since the special phenomena were granted to my bodily fluids, along with the Message saying, “This is a sign of a very special love, indicating that your Lord and this Mother, Who will keep you upright as a person who never gives up your integrity despite difficulties, are working and dwelling within you and are united with you.”

Thus, I joyfully offered up all my pains, with even greater earnestness in my heart, for the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, for the salvation of this world, the repentance of sinners, the well-being of all pilgrims, and for the dedicated volunteers in Naju, both in spirit and body. In the midst of intense pain that made it difficult to stay conscious, I was preparing to attend the prayer meeting. Around 5 p.m., I noticed that the Holy Image scroll of the Crucifix of Mt. Calvary enthroned above my desk began to shake. I gazed at it in astonishment. At the time, the Blessed Mother, shedding Tears of Blood in the Holy Image, spoke to me with great gentleness and sadness.

The Blessed Mother : “My extremely beloved daughter! My pitiful daughter who willingly asks for pains for the sake of My Son Jesus and Me Who are striving to save the world, and who now stands at the threshold of life and death! 

My little child! While ardently hoping for the salvation of even one more soul and participating in the pains of death that My Son Jesus has experienced, you have been utterly exhausted by the pains that feel as though your flesh and bones were being cut off, (刻肌削骨) making it difficult even to open your eyes. Amidst all this, you have offered up with love and compassion the insults and sufferings inflicted upon you by the most wicked sinners who are slashing you, all the while longing for their repentance (慈悲忍辱). That excruciating suffering, as if sinking into a quagmire or burning in charcoal (塗炭之苦), is akin to having a piece of your living flesh torn out without respite. It must have been incredibly hard for you to graciously offer up these intense pains to the point of laying down your life. Thank you. Do not worry too much, as you cannot work because of your pains. Have not God the Father and Jesus already told you that even when you are lying on a sickbed and only breathing, you can help many souls receive the grace of salvation? 

This is because you graciously offer up those countless pains which are like pushing you to the threshold of death(生死之境) by turning every moment of your life into prayers and by practicing the Five Spiritualities for the repentance and salvation of sinners. Now Satan is attempting to bring down the world by making the majority of the clergy, who have been called, lose their sense of direction so that they may not stay awake.

That is why your pain is so harsh. Your redemptive sufferings like a double death for you and gracious offerings of such pains for the salvation of the world, stand as the sole prayer and sacrificial offering capable of averting the overflowing of God’s cup of wrath. What else could we do? As the Mother observing your excruciating sufferings, an immeasurable sense of sorrow envelops Me for you.

However, by witnessing the offerings and prayers of you, My little soul, who sacrifices herself to bring goodness to the souls (殺身成仁) and receives suffering while struggling alone in ceaseless pain (孤軍奮鬪), God the Father, Whose just wrath has reached its threshold, is holding back the cup of His wrath from being poured out upon the world. Please keep this in mind and offer up your suffering graciously a little while longer.

Ever since you were baptized, you have so far offered the ‘Office of Indulgences’ after receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, not missing it even once, for the souls in purgatory as well as for those who have been killed unjustly and for those who will be so in the future. Just as you have been doing all along, I implore you to encourage all My children around the world to do the same without fail after receiving the Eucharistic Jesus. By continuing to offer the ‘Office of Indulgences,’ not only can the souls in purgatory and those at risk of being lost be saved, but their own souls as well.

(The Office of Indulgences : O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell; lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen.)

All the clergy and children of the world who have been called! This world is now rushing towards its own destruction. The cup of God’s wrath is overflowing, and the world stands on the precipice of a major catastrophe. I have emphasized this repeatedly: you must not complacently think that the numerous large-scale disasters happening in the skies, on the earth, and in the seas – such as frequent earthquakes, tsunamis, heavy rains, typhoons, snowstorms, forest fires, famines, plagues, wars, murders, confrontations, conflicts between nations and races, the breakdown of families, and horrendous murders among close relatives and families – are mere natural disasters or random occurrences. But...”


The Blessed Mother shed Tears of Blood and then continued to speak.

The Blessed Mother : “All My beloved children of the world! As the love of My burning Immaculate Heart, which I have revealed in Naju through My little soul (Julia), has not been accepted by the Church, God’s just anger is already overflowing. Now this world, which has been violating the Dignity of God, has become more corrupt than in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah or at the time of Noah and the Deluge, and its pride exceeds that of the Tower of Babel.

Therefore, in Naju, Korea, I have manifested unprecedented and countless miracles and signs that even the prophets and kings of the ancient times longed to witness and hear but could not. With these miracles, I have implored all of the world through My chosen little soul, to encourage the practice of the Messages of Love and the Five Spiritualities, even by repeating the same words.

If only Naju had been approved, the world could have been purified, countless souls could have been transformed, and even those rushing towards hell might have found salvation. However, due to the wiles (權謀術數) of the Gwangju Archdiocese, even the superiors in the Church have been deceived, and those who follow them have been missing the chance for repentance as their spiritual eyes and ears have been veiled. Therefore, at least now, the Church should accept Naju to ensure that they do not miss the right time (斗而铸兵) for repentance and salvation.

Now this world is immersed in even deeper sins, driving itself further into the abyss of great degradation. It faces the danger of irreversible destruction due to the pride and greed of those so-called “leaders” resulting in wars erupting in various regions. Very soon, even innocent young lives and countless innocent people will be killed in wars, all of which could lead to a nuclear war and a third world war. Therefore, to prevent an unprecedented (未曾有) and devastating war, at least you, who follow Me should remain vigilant, and pray again and again.

As My children of this world are consumed by anger, engage in quarrels with hurtful words (惡言相待), and fiercely battle one another (奮戰力鬪), this world has already turned into a state of extreme disorder and pandemonium (阿鼻叫喚). How can the Heart of this Mother not be filled with profound sorrow while seeing it? 

In order to avert the impending catastrophe in this time of darkness, My children who have been called must practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and make it known in a deep, silent love without sigh or lamentation even if they are despised and insulted under the heavy burden of pains. 

If you arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities and practice it in unity with My little soul (Julia), and climb Mt. Calvary following Jesus by carrying your own daily crosses, My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph even in the face of the threat of a dreadful nuclear war and a Third World War which will generate fear.

To all of you who have journeyed here, the Naju Shrine, the Holy City of God which the Lord and I prepared and where graces flow abundantly like a waterfall! As I love you to the point where I can put you in My eyes without feeling any pain, I implore you with a heavy heart in order to safeguard you from the snares set by Satan. Therefore, I beseech that at the very least, those of you who recognize Me, become like the Heart of this Mother.

If you practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and make it known in unity with My little soul (Julia), without looking back or turning away from My Son Jesus and Me, Who have been performing miracles of the most sublime and pure love in Naju through My little soul, keep in mind that even if the world is engulfed in flames due to natural disasters or a Third World War, with raging waves threatening to sweep away the world, those of you who follow My Son Jesus and Me will be safely rescued, covered in My Mantle.

Then, on the last day, you will ascend to Heaven escorted by the Angels, and possess the tree of eternal life that Adam and Eve lost. And you will receive a royal crown and enjoy eternal bliss next to My Son Jesus, Myself and My little soul.”


<Chinese Idiom used in the Korean original version of the Message of Love>

* 生死之境: A state on the brink of death
* 刻肌削骨: Cut off one’s flesh and bones. Excruciating pain
* 慈悲忍辱: The act of loving and compassionately enduring all kinds of insults and suffering
* 塗炭之苦: Extreme suffering akin to falling into a quagmire and being burnt in a charcoal fire
* 孤軍奮鬪: 1. On the battlefield, isolated soldiers or armies, without any reinforcements, bravely and skillfully fight against a large number of enemy forces.
2. A metaphorical expression for successfully handling a strenuous task with a small number of people or limited strength without others' help
* 殺身成仁:  Achieving benevolence by sacrificing one's own body
* 未曾有:  Unprecedented
* 權謀術數: All kinds of schemes and methods that spare no means to achieve the goal
* 斗而铸兵: 1. To make weapons only after a war has broken out
2. Missing the right timing 
3. Repairing the cowshed after losing the cow
* 惡言相待: Arguing with each other and exchanging harsh words
* 奮戰力鬪: Fighting with all one's might
* 阿鼻叫喚: A metaphorical expression for a situation where many people are trapped in a harrowing situation, suffering and crying out in agony.

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