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2023Message of Love from the Blessed Mother received by Julia Kim of Naju on October 21, 2023

Message of Love from the Blessed Mother 
received by Julia Kim of Naju on October 21, 2023

The 37th Anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping Tears of Blood was actually October 19th, 2023, but the date of the prayer meeting was moved to Saturday, October 21, 2023 for the convenience of the pilgrims. I had excruciating pains in my heart and back as well as intensive headache that made it hard to even open my eyes. Because of all these pains, it was difficult for me even to take a single step forward. Besides, my entire body felt as if it had been struck with an iron rod. Nevertheless, I willingly offered up all these pains with joy for the sake of all those pilgrims who came to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain from around the world to console Our Lady shedding Tears of Blood.

Around 8 P.M., I prayed in the waiting room at the Blessed Mother's Mountain, meditating on Our Lady Who even sheds Tears of Blood for the sake of all Her children in the world.


“Mommy, my beloved Mommy! For the sake of all those who are here at the Blessed Mother's Mountain, the Holy City of God, to commemorate the Tears of Blood that You shed, I offer up my pains even though they are inadequate so that Your Tears of Blood will not be in vain. Please pour upon us the grace of repentance like a waterfall and completely heal our souls and bodies

In order that not even a single soul may drop out but all of them may be brought up to Heaven on the last day by practicing the Five Spiritualities every day and at every moment, please feed Your thick Milk to them to their hearts' content just as You fed it to Jesus, and raise them to become little souls who can be tightly embraced in Your bosom, thereby turning each of them into a twin sibling resembling exactly Jesus.”

At that moment, I heard the gentle voice of the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother“My adorable daughter, who offers up the countless, endlessly continuing pains like double deaths, with love as sacrifices and reparations, all while concealing these sufferings behind a radiant smile that brings joy to everyone!

Amidst such pains, you are even asking for more sufferings for the sake of My dear clergy and many children who are here today in this Holy City of God prepared by My Son Jesus and Me! How can I refuse your plea? I will, of course, grant your wish. As long as they do not turn away, I will, till the end, nurture all My children gathered here with My thick Milk as per your entreaty.

As I will bestow the thick Milk, pray for them so that It may be fully absorbed into all of them. As I said before, the Milk will flow into them as much as they believe, healing and enriching their souls and bodies.

My clergy and children whom I have called out of My extremely profound love, and who are here in this place, My bosom of love, the Holy City of God!

My Son Jesus and I will always be with you anytime and anywhere through Our invisible Presence as you practice the Five Spiritualities and make them known in unity with My little soul (Julia).

In order that you will not give in (低首下心) to threatening bluffs of those who have fallen into the wiles of Satan and the demons, Establish Collective Prayers Communities, turn your daily lives into prayers by staying awake always, and practice the Five Spiritualities!”

After the Blessed Mother’s Words ended, a strong Fragrance filled the air. A nun, my caregiver, was surprised to discover that an abundance of thick Milk had been sent down in the waiting room, exclaiming, “Mama! A lot of thick Milk has come down!” As I looked at the mirror in the waiting room, I saw streams of thick Milk flowing down the mirror profusely. 

From the time of filming, the thick Milk gradually disappeared. A while later, it vanished completely as if the mirror had been meticulously cleaned, meaning that it was all absorbed into all of us for our spiritual growth. Even while writing down this Message, the strong Fragrance of roses continued to fill the air.

<Difficult Vocabulary>

低首下心: A metaphorical expression of lowering one's head in submission.
1. To give in and obey 
2. To lower one's head and humble oneself.

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