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2024Message of Love from Jesus, January 1, 2024 - Although you may suffer persecutions, you will not lose even one strand of your hair.

Message of Love from Jesus 
received by Julia Kim of Naju on January 1, 2024

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, She sent Her kisses and blew Her breath onto the pilgrims. Jesus then blessed pilgrims again and spoke affectionately.

Jesus: My beloved little soul!
You have lived a life interspersed with unwavering altruistic love throughout your entire life, while participating in the excruciating pains which I suffered on Mt. Calvary. My beloved little baby! I am grateful that you have offered up those extreme sufferings so graciously, even now as you age physically, and your whole body has been ravaged by various redemptive sufferings for countless souls and your neighbors (other people).


The time for the triumph of My Mother Mary and Me is drawing near. Therefore, even if the fury of My adversary intensifies rapidly and Evil attempts to claim victory, luring even many clergy into the bottomless pit, singing cheerful and arrogant songs, boasting of their success, do not worry about the future's outcome and follow Me steadfastly.

My priests and little souls whom I have specially called because I love you extremely!
As you come to Me, following My little soul who fearlessly faces the throes of double deaths for the sake of the conversion of sinners, you may suffer absurd misunderstandings, hatred, and persecutions, yet not a single strand of your hair will be lost. Therefore, do not fear but make strenuous efforts to arm yourselves with the Armor of the Five Spiritualities and practice them every moment of every day.

Become more humble, a littler and littler soul, and help My little soul, who is participating in My pain, suffering the throes of death, and facing moments of double deaths. God, unable to reject her pleas, has saved her several times and granted more opportunities to the world. However, this world has yet to repent, even disregarding the numerous warnings from God that can be seen happening all around world.

If even the shepherds who are supposed to play the roles of captains become hounds (走狗) of the devils leading to destruction, this world may not be able to escape the disaster of the burning sulfur fire that could turn it into ashes, just as Nineveh disappeared without a single trace through the wrath of God the Father as I have already mentioned! That is why My Mother and I personally prepared and allowed you to meet each other, thus, you must resolutely defeat the devils of division, and do not forget that you should become interpreters (*interpreters of love : advocates) for one another, consoling and safeguarding their lives.

Therefore, by dedicating your lives and utmost sincerity, you must tear down all human walls with even stronger and warmer hearts, and carry out your precious mission in your unique role that is irreplaceable. In doing so, you will enjoy the exultation, love, and peace in overflowing graces. As the day of the new heaven and the new earth draws near, Satan, My enemy attempting to shroud the world in darkness, is making desperate last-ditch efforts. Consequently, extraordinary events are occurring here and there.

In the eyes of the world, even if you now seem to be in darkness, My Mother and I will surely guard and protect you as you follow and trust in Me, leading you to the paradise in Heaven. Therefore, at least you who profess to know Me well should be united with one another in love, and, thus, help the little soul whom I have chosen, and prepare for the Triumph, which is not far away, with the utmost earnestness, mobilizing all your heart and energy.

Then, I will abundantly quench the hearts of the arid souls, and the deep and profound abyss situated between God’s Greatness and your lowliness will be filled. Subsequently, you will reach perfection by giving birth to holy virtues and gain eternal life. On the last day, will you not be standing beside My Mother and Me along with My little soul?

My beloved priests and children who have been specially called and responded with Amen!
Do not forget that you are the light and the salt of the world, and become the light that illuminates this dark world. My Mother Mary and I have bestowed the special grace onto all of you who participated in today’s prayer meeting according to My little soul’s earnest request, and that grace will also extend to your families.

Even though you, who follow My Mother and Me, experience much difficulty and pain, remember often that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to you when you unite with My little soul, work for My Mother and Me, and exert your strength and courage.

Then, even those who have fallen into the devil’s cunning temptations and have joined forces with the opponents (of Naju) may return to the Heart of My Mother Mary. If they practice the Five Spiritualities with true repentance, I will not ask questions about their past but bless them, just as I did with the penitent thief. My Mother also will embrace them in Her bosom, guiding them securely to the Heavenly Paradise. If they wholeheartedly believe in and follow this, they shall receive salvation.

As I previously mentioned, wake up promptly, and fully arm yourselves with the Armor of the Five Spiritualities and practice them to win victory over the devils of division who are filling the sky and the earth.

All of you, be united in love with My little soul and fulfill My most sublime plan for the salvation of the world. Never forget that, much like high protein causes foul odors when it decomposes, greater rewards await when the road steepens. Thus, offer up (your difficulties) graciously by practicing the Five Spiritualities, so that you may enjoy Heaven.

During these hours in this spiritually dark world when others are eating, drinking, and enjoying the pleasures of year-end parties, you instead are graciously offering up not only the cold weather on this date ending one year and beginning the new year, but also everything in your lives and are making new resolutions. Therefore, My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart that are suffering extreme pains for the conversion of sinners, are comforted through your prayers of gracious offering-up, interspersed with sacrifices and penances.

In this dangerous age infected by error, you are graciously offering up difficulties, pains, miseries, weariness, and sometimes many kinds of insults, humiliations, and unbearable shameful disgrace in order to follow My Mother and Me. How fervently you are making known the Messages of Love from Me and My Mother in such situations! I am well aware of all these offerings. Always remember that all the merits of your bleeding sacrifices will never be made in vain but will accumulate abundantly as shining treasures before My throne in Heaven. Do not worry or fear but go forward more valiantly.

As I will always protect you as your companion, called through My little soul, who tirelessly works for Me and My Mother, do not weigh or judge even a trivial thing based on human thoughts; instead, turn everything in your lives into prayers and offer them up.

If you make efforts to practice "Turning your daily lives into Prayers" every moment, as I taught you through My little soul chosen by Me, and walk the way of perfection and saintly virtues through the Five Spiritualities, I and My Mother will work within you, even if you are inadequate and imperfect, and grant you eternal bliss in the next world.

My beloved children who have been called and responded with Amen!
If my earnest request is not accepted, God could withdraw everything in an instant just like He withdrew His Love that He had bestowed on Saul (*of Old Testament) because of his misuse of free will.

Therefore, if you choose to follow outwardly attractive idols crafted by human arrogance or pursue the empty values of the secular world—values that are not even worth a handful of food—making useless efforts (鏤塵吹影) and waste your energy, and only realize your failures and then wail over them when God’s cup of chastisement descends, what would be the use of doing that then when it is too late? (亡羊補牢)?

My extremely beloved babies!
When you make known the burning Love in My Sacred Heart and My Mother’s Immaculate Heart, you will experience pains, but always remember that if you achieve unity and follow Me, you will eternally rejoice by gaining Me even if you have to lose everything in this world.

Also, remember that, just as My endlessly humble Mother was chosen as My Collaborator, all of you have also been chosen as collaborators of My Mother through My little soul who renders her utmost sincere obedience with joy and devotion (心悅誠服). If you exert the power of love and demonstrate heroic loyalty, then on the last day, you will ascend to Heaven escorted by angels, granted the power and privilege to pick and eat the fruits from the Tree of Eternal Life, joining hands with the saints and My little soul, singing Alleluia alongside Me and My Mother.

After Jesus finished speaking, He gave a blessing to the pilgrims once again, and the Blessed Mother also raised Her Hands and blessed them.

<Difficult Chinese idioms used in the above message>
走 狗: A hunting dog. It’s comparable to a person who is used as a tool.
鏤塵吹影: The futile effort of carving into dust and blowing on shadows, signifying a pointless or fruitless endeavor
亡羊補牢: Mending the fence after losing a sheep. It metaphorically means:
1) Taking precautions or making improvements after a failure
2) Regretting or lamenting a failure after it has already occurred is futile.
苦心血誠: Striving with your whole heart, strength, and utmost devotion.

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