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2006October 15, 2006 -The Lord will rebuild the places destroyed by Satan

Message on October 15, 2006

Over the period of seven days from October 11 to 17, Jesus repeatedly sent down His Precious Blood in the Chapel when Iwas praying there and on the mattress, quilt, and bed in my bedroom.  Actually, it would be more correct to say that He gushed forth His Blood.  Many of the volunteer helpers witnessed this Precious Blood come pouring down.  I cried out:

"Lord!  No more,please!  Even if the Lord does not do it any more, I can understand how painful it must be to the Lord when looking down at the world.  Please do not bleed any more."  The priests, who had also witnessed the Precious Blood, collected it in glass and plastic containers.  Fifteen to twenty minutes later, the coagulated Blood liquefied and moved pulsating and breathing.  When the priests and several volunteer helpers held the containers in their hands, they felt a strong pulse.

Fr. Louis Bosmans, who has visited for more than seventeen years, Fr. Joseph Gossens, who came with Fr. Bosmans this time, several volunteer helpers, and I brought the samples of the Precious Blood that had come down on October 12 and 14 to Naju General Hospital.  All the samples of the Precious Blood tested were of Type AB.

After returning from the hospital, I felt the Blessed Mother's call at about 3 p.m. and went to the Chapel to pray.  While praying, I saw a vision.  Suddenly I heard deafening sounds of hammering nails and a great commotion. I was frightened when I looked in the direction of the sounds.  

The numerous clergy, who had been specially called, were carrying out their sacred duties superficially, just going through the motions, were compromising with the secular world, and were committing the sins of profanity instead of being faithful to the duties entrusted to them, and thereby were driving nails into Jesus and whipping Him without even knowing it.  Furthermore, the herds of numerous sheep, who were following their priests, were also crucifying Jesus and whipping Him after the priests, just as the leaders and people of Israel two thousand years ago, who were considered to be faithful keepers of God's Laws and love God, insulted Jesus, scourged Him, and finally killed Him by nailing Him to the cross.

Meanwhile, however hard a small number of the priests who truly loved and followed the Lord and the Blessed Mother and the sheep following them tried to stop the blasphemies, they were overwhelmed and trampled by the unfaithful ones who vastly outnumbered them.

At that moment, I heard the Blessed Mother's sorrowful voice.

"My beloved daughter who always joyfully asks for more pains and suffers them for the sake of the salvation of the whole world, never losing courage or hope!

Thank you for graciously offering up all the pains, in the Sacred Heart of the Lord, Who loves you so much, and my Immaculate Heart, even while suffering all kinds of trials.  As you know well what kind of souls can receive eternal happiness before the royal throne in Heaven, offer up even more graciously the extreme pains allotted to you for the repentance of sinners in the world and for the spiritual renewal of the shepherds who are becoming corrupt so that they may become faithful to the duties given to them. 

As you just saw, the Lord has become the sacrificial victim for reconciliation and sends down unlimited blessing and love by means of the Precious Blood from His Five Wounds opened on the Cross to save the sick and dark world from eternal death, to give eternal life to the sinners,and also to send down the graces of mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation upon the numerous souls who are provoking God's just wrath, but even the shepherds whom the Lord has personally chosen and installed are not making the Lord's Love known but are compromising more and more with this world and, thus, are violating the infinite dignity and holiness of God in their ingratitude.  

The reason why He has come to you hiding His divinity as well as His dignified appearance and humbling Himself again and again by assuming the appearance of bread and also by coming as the Precious Sacred Blood, which are manifestations of His Love for you, is that He loves you so much with the burning Love in His Sacred Heart for the salvation of the whole world, but even the numerous clergy are not thinking about the Lord's Substance but are insulting Him and neglecting Him in their ingratitude.   

In the current age, the devil is becoming more violent by employing the human power for the goal of controlling humans, but the numerous pitiful shepherds and children, who are not awake, are following the Red Dragon, and, therefore, are walking toward a dense darkness, which is hell, in their extreme pride.  The devil is working actively and cunningly at different places and in different forms by feigning goodness and piety through humans in order to promote confusion concerning the messages that I have been giving you.

Inform the Pope, whom I love so much that I can put him in my eyes without feeling any pain and who is carrying the cross of love together with my Son Jesus and is climbing Mt. Calvary, that all the clergy in the Church must promptly discern and punish the devils who feign all kinds of goodness and arefixing their eyes on humans.  He is the eldest son of the Church whom I have personally brought up with love.  As God the Father in Heaven has already given him a royal power to rule over the world, meet him and tell him about the extent and facts of corruption in the Church so that the errors and corruption that have penetrated even into my Son Jesus' Church may be corrected without a day's delay and the world may be saved. 

To save the world which is being covered with darkness, the priests, who are ministers of my Son Jesus Christ, must do their best without delay so that they may discern and lead a life based on the Gospels and in good order and discipline in the Church.  As they are supposed to lead the herds of sheep to Heaven, they must understand well before others what sacrifices my Son Jesus made to save the children in the world and what sufferings it took Him to win the salvation.

Even the shepherds personally chosen by my Son Jesus bow their heads and humble themselves before the rulers of the world, but precious few are the shepherds who kneel before God, Who is the Lord of Heaven and the King of the Universe, worship Him, and ask Him for the graces needed for leading the herds of sheep to Heaven.  How can I and my Son Jesus not shed blood?

Now, as the world is overflowing with sins, the time of chastisement is drawing near.  As no one knows when that time will be, make haste.  The devil is violently trying to mobilize as many priests as possible to drive my messages into a whirlpool of confusion; terrifying threats are pressing down upon the world; the degradation of the human race is worsening day after day; and thus the hours of apostasy and disloyalty have drawn near and reached the brink of the precipice.  In order to prevent the ruin, Naju must be approved as soon as possible so that my messages of love, with which I have been appealing (to all) through the little soul whom I have chosen, working unprecedented miracles in Naju, repeating the same words again and again, and showing numerous signs, may be put into practice.  Only then, the whole world can be saved.

My beloved Pope whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain!  Make haste to draw closer to me and help me promptly, without delay, so that my messages of love may spread all over the world, this world may be liberated from the Red Dragon, and the Lord's Kingdom may come. Thus, help the victory of resurrection come to the whole world.

Two thousand years ago, my Son Jesus drank the cup of Passion by being nailed to the Cross, when the children of the world violated His infinite dignity and holiness like gusty winds and angry waves.  However, He was not finished with His death but resurrected from the dead on the third day, promising a new life to all the children in the world, and, even at this time, He wishes to save all the children in the world by shedding His Blood unsparingly.

This world covered with darkness as love is already becoming annihilated is violating the infinite dignity and holiness of God the Father; the violent whirlpool of errors is fiercely rushing even into the Church; and degradation is already pouring down as in a rising tide because of heresies, scandals and bad examples.  In consequence, the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus, Who has laid down everything for the repentance of sinners, and my Immaculate Heart are flaming up vehemently and are turning into active volcanoes, and God is about to send down the chastisement.  However, know that We are being consoled by the prayers filled with devotion and love offered up by the little souls in Naju and Our extreme pains are turning into smiles, approve (Naju) without delay, and, by doing so, awaken from sleep the shepherds who are supposed to rescue the children fallen into sins.

Even if the world violates the infinite dignity and holiness of God, His just wrath will be softened when the sounds of ardent prayers by the little souls reach Heaven.  As there are the little soul chosen by my Son Jesus and me and the faithful little souls who pray at my side, if Naju is approved, the Lord's ministers, whom He personally anointed and installed, will repent the herds of sheep who follow them will also repent and the Lord will rebuild the places destroyed by Satan and also heal the wounds inflicted by him.

My love, my beloved son, the Pope,whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain!  I again emphasize that the approval must be made without delay so that my Son Jesus and I, the Mother of Love, Who wish to unfold a great plan of love in Naju through my daughter who always confesses that she is unworthy and unqualified, may save all the children in the world."

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