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2007April 7, 2007 -If you genuinely follow the Will of Me and My Mother.

Message on April 7, 2007 - Vigil of Easter Sunday

On this Easter Vigil, I was suffering indescribably severe pains in my body, heavily weighed down by the cruel scourging all over and the crown of thorns on Good Friday, but I offered up these pains and devoted myself to prayer so that all the pilgrims might experience the joy of the Resurrection.  Together with the pilgrims, I prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary walking on the Way of the Cross in order to celebrate the Vigil of Our Lord's glorious victory gained by defeating death and resurrecting and to sound the prelude to the triumph of the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart.  While we were praying the Third Glorious Mystery, Jesus on the Cross at Mt. Calvary radiated the light of the Holy Spirit on all of the pilgrims, which was so powerful that the Crucifix shook forcefully, and began speaking.  

JESUS : "My beloved little soul!
I intend to save all by sending down the Holy Spirit as requested in your prayers filled with the love with which you have meditated on the Mystery of Salvation earned through the inestimable pains on the Cross and have participated in My Passion so that the clergy may be sanctified and even the most wicked sinners, whose very human nature has been dried up, may receive the grace of repentance.     
My beloved children who have been called by Me and My Mother, responded with Amen to that call and rushed (to Us)!  How can I not grant your prayers, as you offer up your prayers with utmost devotion like this?  I feel much pain in My Heart, as, even at this moment, the clergy, the religious, and numerous children are celebrating the feast in commemoration of My Resurrection, but are only doing so perfunctorily.  However, I will collect all the prayers that you graciously offer up with utmost devotion, accompanied with your sacrifices and reparations, present them before God's justice that demands expiation, and thereby turn the chastisement that is to come down on this world into a cup of blessing.  

My beloved children!  You cannot resurrect unless you die first, can you?  You will surely be saved with the new Resurrection, if you genuinely follow the Will of Me and My Mother Who have been screaming until Our throats become torn even showing numerous signs, in the truth that you can resurrect only when you die first regardless of how painful your life may be in this age when the good heads of grain are being separated from the empty ones. 

Children!  When you respond with Amen to My and My Mother's call and put into practice the messages of love that have been given (to you) through My little soul, you will all be protected and looked after in whatever circumstances you may be and you will be rescued even from imminent crises.  Therefore, do not ever be worried or fearful.  Not even one soul among the children who have been called, have responded with Amen, and are following Me and My Mother will be abandoned like orphans.

No matter what time of ordeal you are confronted with, I will strengthen and protect you with the love of the Holy Spirit which I sent down to you today.  So genuinely and totally offer up your thoughts, minds, and souls so that you may experience a new Resurrection.  I send down boundless blessings on all of you."

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