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2007June 2, 2007 - God the Father also hears the sounds of your prayers

Message on June 2, 2007 - First Saturday


After Holy Mass, we prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary followed by the Glorious Mysteries, walking on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, to meditate that we can arrive at the glory only through sufferings. 

It was very difficult for me to make the two rounds on the Way of the Cross, but I offered up the extreme pains for the conversion of sinners. When we arrived at the Eleventh Station, we saw and heard the water of mercy dripping down from above. I was surprised and looked up at the sky, and saw and heard Jesus speak very kindly.



"Yes, My beloved little soul! It is very hard for you, isn’t it? Thank you for graciously offering up with love your extreme pains for the conversion of sinners. I am also accompanying you (plural), shedding Blood.
Also, your Heavenly Mother, who nurtures you with love, stops shedding tears when she hears the sounds of the prayers that you offer up with love and sends down the streams of the water of mercy. God the Father also hears the sounds of your prayers filled with deep love and devotion interspersed with sacrifices and penances, is moved, and is unable to pour out of the cup of just wrath, that has already been lifted high, on this world.
My beloved children who are gathered to pray for the conversion of sinners! On this day, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, I send down the heavenly blessing on all of you in response to your earnest prayers together with God the Father and the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit."

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