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2007June 30, 2007 - He authentic Catholic doctrines of the only Church

 Message on June 30, 2007
 22nd anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping Tears

On this 22nd anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears in Naju, more than 5,000 Korean and foreign pilgrims gathered on the Blessed Mother's Mountain.  While they were praying together, surprisingly many graces and love were generously poured down upon them.  In the vinyl chapel filled with the fragrances of roses, lily, wine, pine leaves, and candies, the odors of cresol and alcohol, and the smells of burning unclean things in the souls and of boiling herbal medicine, I cried out in the depths of my mind while praying the rosary and suffering pains.

"My beloved Mommy!  I graciously offer up all these pains that I suffer in reparation not only for my sins and the sins of those who came here seeking Mommy and are praying but also for the sins of the clergy, religious, and numerous children of yours in this world, praying that all may receive the grace of repentance.  Especially, I offer my pains up for the spiritual and physical health of the Holy Father, the Head of the Church, and for the prelates in the Holy See.  I may shed tears, sigh, and groan in spite of myself, but please accept even these as my prayers of earnest solicitation and help Our Lady of Naju be approved as soon as possible so that all the herds of sheep which have lost their sense of direction and are wandering may return to the right way and sing the Lord's glory and Alleluia. . .

At that moment, I heard the most kind and loving voice of the Blessed Mother and looked in the direction of the voice.  She was shedding tears and speaking through her statue on the altar in the vinyl chapel. 


"My beloved daughter who suffers from extreme pains for the conversion of sinners!
Because this world has offended the dignity and sanctity of God and its sins have reached the point of saturation, God is filled with just wrath and has to send down the chastisement, but my Heart is comforted because there is a little soul like you who totally offers up all of your life by turning them into prayers at my side, not leaving out even your tears, sighs, and groans, and graciously offers up your pains that lead you to double deaths, wishing for the repentance and salvation of all the children in the world.

Pray harder for the Pope.  In order that the Church, that has become extremely corrupt, may be reformed through the Pope, who is a most beloved son of mine and  the eldest son of the Church whom I love so much that I can put him in my eyes without feeling any pain, I have been keeping him under my mantle in order to protect him from dangers and nurture him.  In this extremely dangerous age, he has recognized my voice and has been praying and making efforts day and night to defend the Gospel of Jesus, my Son, and the authentic Catholic doctrines of the only Church that has the Apostolic foundation, which have been severely distorted by those who are infected with errors.

However, the operations of freemasons, which have penetrated deeply into the heart of the Church, have been so persistent and tenacious that the Pope is strenuously fighting a lonely and extremely difficult and dangerous battle with little help from others.  Therefore, offer up your sufferings of double deaths, which are even comforting God Himself, for the sake of the Pope. 

My most beloved Pope, the eldest son of the Church!
Because the Church threatened by heresies and infected with errors has reached the edge of the cliff of destruction, the messages of love from my Son Jesus and me, which have been given repeating the same words again and again and showing the unprecedented signs with the most sublime and pure love, must be officially approved without a day's delay. 

I anxiously plead with you to make haste to do your best to devise and take measures so that the Church may be reformed without a day's delay and, as a result, the clergy and religious may become spiritually sanctified and even the sinners who are walking toward Hell may repent and be saved. 

All my beloved children in the world!
I will always be with you who come seeking me and pray as sinners like Mary Magdalene, and, when you work for my Son Jesus and me, united with each other in love, I will guard and protect you even when you are faced with imminent dangers and unable to do anything about them and will lead you to Heaven on the last day.  Therefore, do not calculate with human thoughts but open widely the gates of your hearts, accept everything with Amen like little children, and make strenuous efforts to become humble and little souls.

On all of you who came here to console me on this anniversary of my shedding tears, I send down the boundless blessing today and send down generously and with the transcendence of the combined love of my Son Jesus and me the Precious Blood and the streams of the water of mercy, to completely wash away the stains of sins that have made your souls dirty so that you may be born again with love."

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