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2007August 4, 2007- The Lord and I Who love you so dearly will call, gather, and embrace you in my mantle

Message on August 4, 2007

At about 11:50 p.m., we began praying the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. When we were near the Ninth Station, the water of mercy began coming down in heavy streams, then in misty drops, and then sprayed down as if with a sprayer. At about 12:20 a.m, when we made one round on the Way of the Cross and reached the area where the little stones stained with the Lord’s Precious Blood are preserved, a heavy rain began pouring down.

At that moment, I cried out within myself. “Oh, my Lord! My Mommy! If all these children (of Yours) can repent and be healed through the sufferings of this sinful handmaid, who has many shortcomings and is unworthy, the pains that I suffer will become the pains of great happiness! Therefore, change this heavy rain that is pouring down into the Precious Blood of Jesus shed from His Five Wounds and Seven Wounds and into Mommy’s tears, tears of blood, fragrant oil, and milk; truly come down to these children to start the fire of love and work the miracles of love in them so that the souls and bodies of these children who responded with ‘Amen’ to Mommy’s call, rushed to this place, and are praying may be thoroughly cleansed and be healed; and, thus, reveal the Lord’s glory.”

While I was praying, offering up the pains that I was suffering, it suddenly became bright before me. When I looked, I saw, in the area on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain where there are the Crucifix of Mt. Calvary, the Blessed Mother’s statue, and the statue of Jesus praying at Gethsemane, a group of beautiful villages brilliantly illuminated with flames of different colors, despite the heavy rain pouring down in the surrounding area, and the angels and the 103 (Korean) Saints having come down and praying with us.

I became enraptured while looking at this extremely amazing scene and told others praying near me about it. Some of them said that they could also see it.

While I was overwhelmingly moved, looking at the scene with stunned eyes and unable to speak, the Blessed Mother began speaking in a very loving and kind manner.  



"My beloved daughter and little soul, who follows my Son Jesus and me, graciously offering up (her pains) for the conversion of the children in the world even in the midst of suffering extreme pains!

How can I turn my face away from your ardent entreaties filled with your gracious offerings, love, and devotion that are interspersed with sufferings? The Lord, your Redeemer, will even turn the streams of rain that are pouring down like a waterfall into the streams of the clear water of mercy that fall down from high places and flow down, and will heal the souls and bodies of the children who responded with “Amen” to my call and came.

My beloved children who have responded with “Amen” to my call and are praying together! These prayers that you offer up while participating in the sufferings of Calvary and graciously offering up sacrifices and reparations give much consolation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart that are flaming up.

That is why (Jesus and I) eagerly await these hours of prayers. Even the great majority of the clergy, religious, and numerous children who have been specially called frequently use the word: God, but, instead of loving God and making Him known, are mired in errors and the secular world, are being swept away by the tides of evil in spite of themselves, are turning their faces away from me, are committing all kinds of sins in obstinate and wicked ways in the midst of scandals and bad examples, and are wandering having lost their sense of direction.

At such a time, you are praying for the conversion of sinners as my Son Jesus and I wish, and thus are accumulating great treasures in Heaven not only for yourselves but also for other souls who will surely arrive at their perdition (without your prayers). How can I not love you?

My beloved children! The Lord and I Who love you so dearly will call, gather, and embrace you in my mantle, as you believe, trust, follow, and make known the Lord and me, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. Therefore, do not judge or calculate with your worthless (and unreliable) thoughts but entrust everything to and follow your Lord and me, Who wish to perform the miracles of the loftiest and purest love through my daughter who always lowers herself saying that she has many shortcomings and is unworthy. Then, the Lord and I will work within you, enabling you to receive the heavenly consolation even while living in this world and enjoy eternal happiness at my side in the next world."

When the rosary prayer was finished, the bright lights were extinguished and all the angels and the 103 (Korean) Saints also disappeared.   


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