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2007August 15, 2007 -As I will be a strong support for my little souls who follow and work for the Lord and me.

Message on August 15, 2007  - Solemnity of Our Lady's Assumption

Many Korean and foreign pilgrims gatheredon the Blessed Mother's Mountain to pray on the Solemnity of the Blessed Mother's Assumption.  Also, this time, all of the participants in the retreat for the youth, which had begun on August 13, joined the prayer meeting.

In the sultry weather, the pilgrims offered up every drop of their sweat for the conversion of sinners and for the poor souls in purgatory and fervently prayed that the Lord and the Blessed Mother would send down boundless blessings on all of the pilgrims, especially on the youth, so that they might become the light that shines on the world of darkness as the apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

While the Archbishop from Indonesia was giving the Eucharistic benediction with the Sacred Host that had come down from above during the Mass on the Blessed Mother's Mountain on April 16, 2005 and bled on May 6 of the same year and also the large Sacred Host that had come down on October 24, 2006, I heard the loving, kind, and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.     

"My beloved children!  God has prepared a shrine of mine at this place so that what no one's eyes have ever seen, no one's ears have ever heard, and no one has ever imagined since the beginning of history may been seen, heard, and felt for the salvation of the children who love Him. How can anyone measure the divine economy of salvation with human wisdom?

Therefore, love your God mostdevotedly in a simpler and purer way like a child and with all your heart, life, thought, power, and wisdom.  As I will be a strong support for my little souls who follow and work for the Lord and me, receive in haste the light of the Lord Who is present in the Eucharist and become a light that repels darkness and saves the world."

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, beautiful light of various brilliant colors radiated from the Eucharist and shone on me and all the pilgrims.   

During the prayer meeting deep in the night of August 15, the Archbishop, the youth retreat participants, and other pilgrims held candlelights and prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross.  When we began to pray and meditate on the Fifth Glorious Mystery, the Archbishop and I entered the area where little stones stained with the Lord's Precious Blood are preserved.  While we were praying, light began radiating from the stain of the Precious Blood on a stone. As I was looking at the scene in great amazement, the Precious Blood turned into the Baby Jesus.  Even more surprisingly, the Baby Jesus gradually became larger, penetrated through the round acrylic cover, and stood tall as the adult Jesus at the age of 33.

Then, Jesus turned round very slowly at that location, blessing all the pilgrims.  As He was giving blessings, light and something else forcefully poured out of His hand.  I fell down by the power of the strong light and saw a vision in an ecstasy. 

The devils of obscenity went about here and there busily, whispering to people to arouse  obscene imaginations in them.  Those people who fell into the devils?temptations could not resist their passion and, young and old, men and women all alike, got tangled with one another, without any regard for decency or others eyes.  Thus, numerous people became slaves of their carnal desire, and tried to go higher even pressing down others recklessly.  Those who were caught under groaned and screamed with painful voices.  The sound of their screaming was indescribably horrible and made me frightened from the tips of my hair to the marrow of my bones.

While I was watching this miserable scene, Jesus began speaking with a merciful voice.

"The youth who came here after having been called and all my beloved children!  While the numerous children in the world are spiritually blind and deaf, having lost their sense of direction, are violating even moral principles and natural laws, and are wandering in a pandemonium, you are gathered here on the feast day of Me and My Mother.  I, Who am Love Itself, love you all regardless of your reasons for coming here.

Wishing to wash away the dirty stains from the sinners for their conversion, I bless them with My most sublime and pure Love, with which I have opened my Sacred Heart and poured out My Blood and Water to the last drop, and with My Mother's Love. 

I love the children in the world so much that I really live and breathe in the Eucharist for their salvation, am present in It with My Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, and have personally opened My Sacred Heart and poured out My Blood and Water to the last drop for the conversion of sinners.  However, as all this Love is being ignored with the theories and reasoning infected with errors and heresy, I want at least you, who are supposed to know Me, to remember the simple truth that even feathers can sink a ship if enough of them accumulate, not to compromise with the world seeking what is transient, to always remain awake and pray with the unchanging love, and to co-operate totally in saving this world by helping My beloved daughter.  

As I will take away wisdom from those who think they are wise and remove knowledge from those who think they are intelligent, you should not judge anyone with your trivial thoughts and prejudice.  Totally entrusting not only your thoughts, words, and deeds but everything in your life to Me and My Mother and trusting Us, be nurtured in a simple way by My little soul whom I have personally chosen and brought up, make known the most sublime and pure love of Me and My Mother in unity with her, and, thus, possess the inheritance of the Heavenly Kingdom with her. 

Even if you are so suddenly visited by an imminent crisis that you cannot do anything about it while you are making the most sublime and pure love of Me and My Mother known, I and My Mother will defend and protect you and sustain you as a person who never becomes shaken regardless of any difficulties. Therefore, become humbler and littler souls and take the initiative in courageously making known the messages of love from Me and My Mother for the salvation of this world of misery that is headed toward its destruction.  Then, on the last day, you will stand by My side with the power and privilege of picking and eating fruits from the tree of eternal life in Heaven and will sing Alleluia, escorted by the angels."

Because I was forcefully thrown down to theground and was not waking up from ecstasy for some time, the Archbishop was very surprised and became worried about the possibility of something gone wrong with me.  I later learned that the Archbishop even had repeatedly felt the pulse in my wrist and neck.  Many others also thought that I must have been gravely wounded, but I woke up like a feather, without any damage to my body.


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