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2007September 1, 2007 -The time for completing your mission has drawn near at hand…

Message on September 1, 2007 First Saturday

Despite the bad weather, many pilgrimsresponded with Amen to the Blessed Mother's call and prayed in the vinyl chapel on the Blessed Mother's Mountain united with one heart and feeling rich in their hearts despite the humble appearance of the chapel.  A priest who came with a group of pilgrims from Malaysia celebrated the Mass and gave the Eucharistic benediction with the Sacred Host that had come down on the Blessed Mother's Mountain on April 16, 2005 and bled on May 6 of the same year and also the Sacred Host that had come down on October 24, 2006.  While the Eucharist was exposed on the altar for meditation, I began speaking to Jesus despite my unworthiness, looking at the most noble and dignified Eucharist.

"Oh, how can we dare to fathom all the most sublime and pure love with which the Lord of heaven and earth and the source of all creation is alive in the Holy Eucharist and lives with us, sinners?  However, even the great majority of the shepherds, who have been called and are supposed to love the Lord above all, are not witnessing to the love and truth of the Lord and the Blessed Mother but are seeking their own security and face-saving, and, therefore, are becoming unable to come close to the love of the Lord, Who shed His Blood and saved us even by being crucified and dying, and are rejecting and condemning even the most sublime and pure love which the Lord and the Blessed Mother are personally giving us by opening Their Hearts.  How painful must the Lord and the Blessed Mother feel in Their Hearts, looking at the miserable herds of sheep who are following them?

In this month of the Korean martyrs, washthoroughly and cleanly even the deepest and most private corners of their souls, which have become filthy because of sins, with the Precious Blood that the Lord has shed from His Five Wounds so that they may repent of their mistakes, meditate on the Lord's sufferings, be aware of their dignity as Thy ministers, remain in the holy faith, and thus become instruments of love that will guide all the herds of sheep of this world to Heaven throughout the rest of their lives.  I pray that they will praise the spirit of the martyrs, come closer to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, understand the truth, and sing the praise, gratitude, and glory (to Thee) for generations and generations and for all eternity so that the torn Sacred Heart of the Lord and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother may be mended.

Also, Thou knowest well that this sinfulhandmaid, who has been called and promised martyrdom, is still unworthy and weak and has so many rough edges that need tempering.  Keep correcting and repairing me and make use of me. . .

Even before I finished speaking, the Lord in the Eucharist began speaking, radiating brilliant light of many colors upon all who were present.

"My beloved little soul!  
In this extremely important age when the cup of God the Father's just wrath is already overflowing, I wish that you display the spirit of martyrdom as the final effort to save the world, unite firmly with the Pope, My Vicar, who is carrying a heavy cross, and offer up loyalty heroically by displaying the power of love more energetically so that the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart may be established.

My beloved children who responded with Amen to My Mother's call and gathered here!  Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever is willing to lay down even his life for My sake will gain Heaven.  Whoever welcomes My little soul, who makes strenuous efforts to lead even one more soul to the road of repentance by making Me and My Mother known, is a person who welcomes Me; and whoever welcomes Me is a person who welcomes Him Who sent Me.  My promise that whoever welcomes a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet's reward will surely be kept.  Therefore, whoever believes what I just said and puts it into practice is building his house on a rock. 

All the children in the world who have been called!  The time for completing your mission has drawn near at hand.  I wish that, in this age when empty heads of grain and good grains are being separated, at least you, who have responded with  Amen to the call by Me and My Mother, will remember again the truth that one can resurrect if only he dies and do your best by taking even the most wicked sinners on board Mary's Ark of Salvation prepared by your Heavenly Mother so that they may also be saved.

If you graciously offer up the difficulties that befall you at everymoment of every day by turning everything in your life into a prayer with the spirit of martyrdom, you will gain victory in the spiritual fight and help save many souls.  Therefore, if you stay away from the position of Judas, which is synonymous with ruin, imitate the faith of the martyrs, achieve unity with My little soul who cries out that she is unworthy even in the midst of all kinds of persecution and ordeals, never turn back but follow (Me and My Mother) in an innocent and upright manner, even the sins of violating the dignity and will of God the Father committed by the world will be extinguished. 

As the Apostles, whom I had personally chosen for the salvation of the world, gathered in the cenacle before they completed their mission through martyrdom, the situation of you in this age, gathered at this place, which appears to be shabby but where I and My Mother have personally been with you, is the same.  Therefore, perpetuate the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper.

As I have chosen you for My great plan of salvation, throw off the mask of the loathsome errors from those who are denouncing as a heresy even the most sublime and pure love of Me and My Mother which We have sent down after seeing the sublime and beautiful sacrifices by My most beloved little soul, be obedient to the truths, and accomplish your mission through martyrdom.  Then, even if those who have fallen into errors, have been easily tricked by the devil's petty schemes, and have become blind and deaf now appear to be so mighty that they are about to conquer the whole world and gain victory, it will soon be exposed that their conduct is like pouring a cup of water to put out the fire on a cart, My Mother's Immaculate Heart will triumph making the whole world overflow with joy, love, and peace, and you will receive eternal happiness at My table in My kingdom on the last day."

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