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2007October 19, 2007 -It will soon be exposed that their conduct is like pouring a cup of water to put out the fire on a cart

Message on October 19, 2007,
21st anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping Tears of Blood

Deep into the night on the 21stanniversary of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears of blood in Naju, a Bishop, a monsignor, and several priests from Malaysia, and more priests from the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Canada, and other countries joined about 300 lay pilgrims from different countries in the world and about two thousand Korean pilgrims in praying the rosary, walking on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain with a rosary in one hand and a candlelight in the other.  When we entered the area where the little stones stained with the Lord's Precious Blood are preserved and began praying the Fourth Glorious Mystery, the little stones placed in a small reliquary began moving, which was soon followed by an appearance of an image of a large Sacred Host on the middle of the white cloth under the reliquary.  Then, an image of the Child Jesus appeared where the Sacred Host was.

At that moment, powerful and bright light shone from the direction of Mt.Calvary.  When I looked, I saw beautiful light radiating from the chest and both hands of the Blessed Mother's statue standing at a little higher elevation than the miraculous spring.  Also, the image of Jesus on the Crucifix at Mt.Calvary shook forcefully, and powerful light from His bosom and both hands radiated upon all the pilgrims.  Momentarily, I heard the sound of a strong wind blowing from above and saw the flames of the Holy Spirit descend upon each person.  At that moment, I heard the kind voice of Jesus.

 "Oh, My beloved ministers, religious, and children who came here to be with My Mother in response to her call with Amen not minding the long distance!

Receive the Holy Spirit.  As you came to this sacred place, where I open My Sacred Heart to give you My blood and water to the last drop and work the miracles of the most sublime and pure love that is immeasurable, to commemorate the anniversary of My Mother, who has been shedding even tears of blood to guide you on the shortcut to Heaven as the Helper in Redemption, what could there be that I and My Mother would not lay down for you?

 For now, you may suffer from the lack of understanding and from persecution in the Church divided by errors, but do not forget that I and My Mother are always with you at your side.  We want at least you who have been called to remain awake and pray, be totally dissolved in My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart every day and at every moment, and thus carry out your share of the work of saving this world of misery.

All the children in the world!  The great majority of the clergy, who are My ministers chosen by Me, are turning their faces away from the messages of love and the sublime signs that have been sent down through the little soul chosen by Me with My Heart and Soul and are pursuing their vain and useless honor and interest in following the world and are getting on board the theories and reasoning infected with heresies and errors. Thus, they are blocking the entry through the gate of Heaven with the key of misled knowledge with which they weigh others and shake their fists at them.  Because of this, the numerous souls who follow them even lose their sense of direction, go astray and wander about, and, eventually, rush along the road to perdition, and I cannot watch this with My open eyes any longer.

My beloved children!  Before God the Father's judgment comes down severely, urgently cry out so that the messages of love that I and My Mother have been screaming until Our throats become torn, repeating the same words again and again, may be spread all over the world and that this world, which has already gravely offended God the Father, may be saved.  Even though the clergy who are blocking all the graces that I send down through Naju and other opponents who follow them may appear so powerful and confident, it will soon be revealed that their inconsistent and self-contradicting deeds are nothing but shallow and useless attempts to deceive others.  Therefore, with redoubled courage, offer up your utmost loyalty.

I ask you like this, because when the entreaties by My little soul-nay, the wishes of My Mother-who has been consecrated with a martyr's suffering that leads to double deaths for the realization of My will as well as My Mother's to save the herds of sheep that have lost their way and are wandering, are accepted by the Holy Church, My love and My Mother's love will flame up enabling new buds to sprout even on the burnt ground and will bring down the cup of God's blessing instead of the cup of His wrath.

My beloved little souls who have been called!  When you renounce yourselves, form complete unity with My beloved little soul, and follow her, I and My Mother will be with you and give strength to you regardless of when and where.  Thus, after you work as my witnesses in the whole world, to the ends of the earth, you will receive the power and privilege to pick and eat the fruits from the Tree of Life in Heaven and will sing Alleluia, escorted by the angels at the side of Me and My Mother on the last day."

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