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2007November 24, 2007 -Those who reject Me and insult the Holy Spirit will be condemned.

Message on November 24, 2007 

On this thirteenth anniversary of the first descent of the Holy Eucharist and fifteenth anniversary of the first exuding of the fragrant oil from the Blessed Mother's statue, the Blessed Mother squeezed all of herself to exude a large quantity of golden-color fragrant oil. Together with many Korean and foreign pilgrims, I prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross from about 8 p.m. for the Holy Father, for the sanctification of the clergy and the religious, for the conversion of sinners, for the triumph of the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart, and for the official recognition of Naju.

After making a round on the Way of the Cross, I entered the area where the little stones stained with the Lord's Precious Blood are preserved and prayed the Fourth and Fifth Glorious Mysteries of the rosary together with the pilgrims.  While praying, I saw a large round source of bright light from the area above the statue of the resurrected Jesus.  Then, on the left side, I saw Jesus wearing an ivory-color robe and a red mantle and radiating light and, on the right side, the Blessed Mother wearing a white dress and a blue mantle and radiating light and stretching out both her arms.  As I was gazing at this scene, fascinated by its beauty, Jesus began speaking affectionately. 

"My beloved little soul!  
My beloved daughter who leaves behind her own pains and is distressed about My wounded and suffocating Heart and My Mother's and about the graces that My children cannot receive.  Do not fear anything.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, that is, the beginning and the end, and am alive and have the keys to death, hell, and Heaven.  I died but resurrected, am alive like this, and will be with you forever.

My beloved children!  Now, on the threshing floor, the good grains and the empty heads of grain are being thoroughly separated.  The good grains will be gathered into the Kingdom of Life where they will enjoy eternal happiness.  Thus, My beloved children who follow Me and My Mother and accept and practice the messages of love will possess the tree of eternal life, calling Me Abba, Father as My sons and daughters.

My beloved children who are being insulted, persecuted, and criticized with all kinds of groundless accusations for My sake!  Do not be frustrated or disappointed but be glad and rejoice.  A great reward has been prepared for you in Heaven.  The devil is greatly angered knowing that his time is almost over and is mobilizing all of the last means and methods, even leading the shepherds, who have been installed with anointing and look dignified and imposing, to oppose My Will and My Mother's.  If they face their last moments without repentance, they will be judged as great sinners according to their deeds, and the place they will occupy is the seas of sulfuric flames, hell. 

When the judgment day arrives, everyone will need to account for every groundless word he or she uttered.  It will be like a second death.  All those who disobeyed or refused to follow My words delivered by the angels incurred appropriate punishments, as these words were also valid.  Then, how can those who keep their faces away from such immeasurable, most sublime and pure, and unprecedented miracles and completely ignore even the messages of love that can lead people to salvation, characterizing them as inscrutable and strange with farfetched words, avoid the chastisement?

All the children in the world who have been called and responded with Amen!  My beloved children who are being persecuted while working to help My little chosen soul for My sake!  I will personally put the armor of the Holy Spirit on you and send you to all those places from where the sun rises to where the sun sets so that you may spread the sacred, indestructible Gospels, which proclaim the eternal salvation, and the messages of love.  Those who believe, accept, and practice them will be saved, but those who reject Me and insult the Holy Spirit will be condemned.

As all of you who follow and make Me and My Mother known are the faithful ones who worship God and are the apostles who have been dispatched to gather people who will inherit the heritage of salvation so that they may achieve unity in love and work, even when you are faced with an extremely difficult and dangerous situation without anyone to aid you while working to help My little soul to make Me known, I will securely rescue you and let you enjoy eternal happiness with Me in the heavenly garden.  Therefore, make haste to combine your forces and start anew."

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