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1991March 10, 1991 - How sad it will be if the fire falls upon you from the sky! Pray and pray again.

Message on March 10, 1991

I entered an ecstasy while praying in the Chapel. The Blessed Mother appeared shedding tears and spoke sorrowfully, almost as if lamenting.

Daughter! It is too hard to look at the disorder brought about by so many of my dear children in collaboration with our enemy, the Red Dragon, because of their blindness and deafness. The world is like a desert. The big calamities that occur here and there are warnings. I feel so sad and anxious, as I watch human sufferings under the warnings and punishments. Therefore, daughter! I implore you with sorrows in order to protect you from the traps laid by the devils.

Mother, please tell me.

Do you want to see how wicked and vicious the devils' violence is?

Yes, Mother.

At that moment, the head devil, Lucifer, and the smaller devils, whom I had seen on August 15, 1990, appeared and were eagerly talking with each other. A while later, they were laughing loudly and looking around at the world. They entered one country, spread out in the country and promoted division. Then, they gathered and talked again and entered a different country causing division and fights. They were so delighted and amused. There were flames here and there sometimes turning into seas of fire. They clapped their hands with joy and looked around again to drag more countries into war. I was watching this and began to cry. The Blessed Mother continued weeping and spoke.

All the children of the world! How sad it will be if the fire falls upon you from the sky! Pray and pray again. This current age is extremely important for the whole human race. Shouldn't you find ways to protect yourselves from the many calamities? Your God looks down at your acts and is about to punish you. But He is still forgiving you. Repent hurriedly. Repent sincerely and come back to God Who can save you. You must repent, because the sins of this world have reached an extremely high level. The world is mired in evil habits and delinquency. As order is disturbed, chaos is increasing and the spiritual world is being destroyed. All things are collapsing, provoking the wrath of God.

My beloved children! Become little persons and follow me humbly and with hope and courage. When you follow me wholeheartedly in response to my messages of love, new buds will sprout even from the burnt ground, my love will flame up on the ruins and a cup of blessing instead of a cup of wrath will be bestowed upon you by God.

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