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1991April 21, 1991 - If you live with the Bread from Heaven and follow me, your Mother!

Message on April 21, 1991

The Blessed Mother called me saying, "Daughter, let us pray together." I went to the chapel despite the pains and prayed for the conversion of sinners in front of the weeping statue of the Blessed Mother. A while later, I saw a vision and the Blessed Mother.

There were countless people in a dark world. The earth began shaking as during an earthquake or like a boat in the middle of a storm. There were flames of fire here and there also. People were falling in all directions and the sounds of their screams were reaching the sky.

I cried with a loud voice, "Oh, God! My Lord! Forgive the poor sinners generously. Save those who call upon Your Name." Then, many people were repenting with tears and anxiously seeking God. There was a bright light in the sky and the extremely beautiful Blessed Mother appeared above the people. She was wearing a shiny crown with twelve stars, a white dress and a blue mantle. The hems of the mantle were sparkling gold. She was holding an ivory-colored rosary in her right hand and a brown scapular in her left hand. Her beauty was beyond human description.

You will be saved, if you live not according to your flesh but with the Bread from Heaven and follow me, your Mother.

At that moment, a shiny, white cross appeared above the Blessed Mother and soon turned into an image of the Holy Eucharist. At the same time, the dark world became bright and the trembling stopped. The Blessed Mother spoke kindly but anxiously.


All the children of the world! Darkness can never defeat light. The evils are trying to topple many of my children who are following me. But do not forget that the Lord does not refuse the pleas of those who call upon His Name with love and follow me.

Daughter! You cannot win a victory without going through the cross. You must understand the amazing mystery of the Holy Eucharist by which God comes down from Heaven through priests in order to be with you. Therefore, make frequent confessions to receive the Lord more worthily and open your heart widely, keep it clean and organized, and love one another so that it will become a palace and a tabernacle where the Lord can dwell. Then, the Lord will live in you, who are unworthy, and set a fire in you.

My beloved daughter! Tell all the children of the world. I want all of you to wear the scapular with the intention of being with me; pray the rosary fervently with all your body and mind and with love; live a completely consecrated life of prayers, sacrifices, and reparations; renew your life with the spirit of self-renunciation and poverty; and, thus, repel the violence of the devil.

I am imploring you again and again, because I want to save you all from this dangerous world. Therefore, renounce your ego and follow my wishes well. Then, darkness will retreat from this world and the Kingdom of the Lord will come.

All the children of the world! In this age when the life of my beloved priests and my consecrated children is being drained endlessly, return to my warm bosom of love, which is the refuge for sinners, and let us pray with a greater love. May the peace of the Lord be with you always!

The Blessed Mother smiled kindly and waved her hand. Then, she disappeared together with the light. Her statue was smiling and shedding tears.


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