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1991May 8, 1991 - "Mary's Ark of Salvation" this is my bosom of love, greater than the universe.

Message on May 8, 1991

It was Parents' Day in Korea and I went to the Chapel and pinned a carnation on the Blessed Mother's dress. I said to her, "Mommy, I love you. You have been suffering so much pain to save many souls who are wandering in darkness and walking toward hell. So, have a restful day today. Be comforted and receive admiration and praise from many children. I am offering this flower on behalf of all your children."

The appearance of the Blessed Mother's statue did not change, but she spoke with a kind and friendly voice.


Daughter! Thank you. I rejoice more over a heart filled with love and devotion than over flowers or deeds. Even the smallest thing can become a great good work for you, if it is done with love. Come closer to me so that you can unite more intimately with my burning love. To soften God's anger, become an even lowlier person. Become a more humble person offering sacrifices and reparations of the cross and entrust all your imperfect thoughts, daily life and sufferings to me. Those souls who are accepting me with love and are approaching me will be bathed in my love. Follow without a doubt the wishes of this Mommy who wants to perform miracles of love by using you as an instrument, despite your unworthiness.

Yes, Mother! I am always unworthy, but will follow your wishes.

Daughter! Make haste. Should the cup of God's wrath overflow onto this dark world which is like a desert? Events are unreeling already, but there are too few priests who are following me. The whole world is filled with dangers and is going through pains of labor. There are countless souls who need spiritual and physical help. Right now, God's work of salvation stands on nothingness and worthlessness. I want to gather all the children, who are struggling with weakness, poverty and fierce battles with evil, into my burning Immaculate Heart. "Mary's Ark of Salvation" this is my bosom of love, greater than the universe, which will take children from the whole world to the heavenly harbor. Now I intend to embrace children from the whole world in my wide bosom. Therefore, construct a basilica. I will embrace them all in my bosom so that they may be reborn with love and I may pull out all their weeds. This way, I can become the guide for the blind; give energy to the poor and hungry; wipe away tears of the children who are sad, agonizing, and weeping; become a comfort to those who are hungry and thirsty for Truth; and become a refuge for those who are insulted, persecuted and criticized with all kinds of groundless accusations while doing their just work.

Therefore, build the Basilica of Mary's Ark of Salvation hurriedly. If you follow my messages of love and put them into practice, great treasures will accumulate for other souls and yours. It will also be the way of saving the souls who would otherwise be lost with certainty. To the burning Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart, it will become a comfort.

Daughter! Now we must make a chain with the souls who are burning with love and make their flames of love known to the whole world. When you follow me without doubting that this is the perfect shortcut with no danger of slipping and falling off the cliff, my flaming Immaculate Heart will burn away all your sins. Thus, even falling into sins can be utilized for a greater good. Now, bring all those things that you think are worthless, miserable and weak and gather around my great banquet which has a sacred value. There will be a great blessing on all the children who are rushing to my bosom of love. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

She finished speaking. Her lips on the statue were open for a while, and then closed.


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