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1991November 4, 1991- Offer even those trivial things in your life to me gracefully.

Message on November 4, 1991

We (Fr. Aloysius Chang, three helpers and myself) visited Father Raymond Spies in Anyang. We had long talks and offered Mass. (Throughout the talks and the Mass, we smelled a strong fragrance of roses. Fr. Spies later told us that the fragrance continued there for three days.) After Mass, I sang a hymn: Mary's Ark of Salvation, with Father Spies?accompaniment on the organ.

As soon as the hymn was over, I fell down. I could not see anybody, but heard the head devil, Lucifer, whom I had heard before: We cannot leave this one alive who is interfering with our activities. Let's hurry and kill her. Do not leave any visible scars on her. Do you understand? Then, there were many voices in response: Yes, sir. Right away, they began striking, kicking, trampling and strangling me and I was struggling and screaming.

Lord! I am offering up my suffering. Be glorified through this suffering and may the Blessed Mother be comforted, too.

Before I completed these words, the devil lifted me up and threw me down saying, "A stubborn one! I am not going to let you get away this time." He strangled me again and hit me all over my body. I was bleeding much and felt extremely cold.

Lucifer said, "I will give you a chance. What are you going to do?" I was near death and could not even speak, but prayed inside.

Lord! I am Yours whether I am alive or dead. I only want the Lord to be glorified.

So many devils attacked, struck and trampled me that I lost consciousness. Soon there was a light from Heaven like the sunlight warming me. There also was the warm, kind and anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.

Daughter! You won a victory over the devil by gathering the seeds of martyrdom and growing them into blossoming beautiful flowers in your just heart. Now is the time for a struggle between Good and Evil. The evil forces will soon perform enormous wonders seducing numerous people. For this reason, I selected a priest (Fr. Aloysius Chang) who is a humble soul, and called him to work in unity with Father Spies. I intend to save many children from the desert of evil and sin through my priests, whom I can put into my eyes without hurting my eyes. Therefore, I am holding your hands today. With confidence, display the power of love more vigorously and offer a totally dedicated service heroically.

Let's brighten the road ahead together with this Mother of Love for the souls who are falling into temptations. For that purpose, build the Basilica of Mary's Ark of Salvation by joining hands together. There, I will reveal the secrets of my Immaculate Heart to you so that it may become a sign of joy, love and peace to everyone who visits it.

Let even those who are in despair, depressed, full of wounds and in tribulations suffering under the heavy pressures from their arid hearts, sins, hatred, violence and impure habits come aboard the Ark of Salvation of my Love. I will wrap them with my warm mantle and help them even in the midst of a bitterly cold snowstorm.

My beloved children! Now offer even those trivial things in your life to me graciously. I will give you the power to transcend even the most trivial things. When you offer up everything and drink the painful cups of the cross and martyrdom with love, even those who are deserted in the middle of the pains of death will repent and see the light in darkness.

From this small land, a land made fertile with the blood of so many martyrs, the light will shine upon the whole world through my little, poor souls. My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph in the midst of the glorious victory by Christ.

When the Blessed Mother ended her words, the light disappeared and it became quiet.


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