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2016March 2, 2016 - The Blessed Mother's Message

The Blessed Mother's Message received by Julia Kim 
of Naju, Korea at about 9 p.m., on March 2, 2016

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March 2, 2016 (at about 9pm)

When the message received from Our Lady on February 17 was made public, many people came to repent. But there were some who raised objections to the message. Thinking of the wounded Hearts of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, I cried with sorrow and suffered pains. When I wiped my tears with a handkerchief, it continued to be wet with blood. 

Then my head felt very hot as if it were burning and I thought my head would burst. I had never experienced such extreme pain before. It felt just like a volcano erupting.

At that time, I had been lying on a big chair and rubbing onto my head a wonder medicine given by Jesus. Bubbles as well as Black matter gushed out of my head. Meditating on how painful the Lord and the Blessed Mother must have been feeling to suffer pain like this, I suffered the pain on behalf of the Lord and the Blessed Mother and felt that my abdomen and body were twisted up badly. So I went to the bathroom supported by helpers. Blood began to pour out of my body.


Bloody excrement and hematuria


These pains were so difficult to endure to the extent that they could not be compared with previous pains. Offering them up graciously in order to mend the wounded Hearts of Jesus and Mary and convert sinners, I came to understand more clearly that it was this hard to save even one soul. Then, devils jumped on and attacked me mercilessly so that I might not offer up the pains. As a result, my whole body became a mass of wounds.

The scenes of Julia's body being wounded and bruised, and of her waist and spine being distorted. 

A helper tookpictures of me attacked by devils. The photographs showed the scenes of my bodybeing wounded and bruised, and of my waist and spine being distorted. Some photographs even looked as if the flesh on my back and waist were flowing with sweat.

 When I am attacked by devils, I suffer pains not only spiritually but also physically like this. Furthermore, my anus continues to protrude to atone for homosexuality and other sexual sins, and my abdomen continues to be swollen, pressing down on my internal organs, in reparation for the sin of abortion committed indiscriminately. As a result, I have difficulty in digesting even a little bit of food. Even while gasping with the last breaths before death, Julia was offering up the pains of atoning for the sins of abortion.

While I was meditating in the midst of the extreme pains, I thought how difficult it would be for anyone to enter Heaven unless he or she became more and more like a simple child.

The Blessed Mother looked at me sorrowfully and spoke shedding tears.


The Blessed Mother:

"My extremely beloved daughter! It is hard for you, isn't it? It is hard for me, too. But what can we do? How could they understand that it is this hard to save even one more soul? Just as people cannot gain the Kingdom of Heaven if they are fettered by laws, insisting upon their trifling knowledge, theories and reasoning, they will never be able to earn the Heavenly Kingdom even with the key of profound theological knowledge.
My beloved children who have been specially called because you are so dearly loved! Now the cup of God's just wrath is full and the chastisement is imminent. That is why God has granted special favor to my daughter, who always lowers herself saying that she is unworthy and has nothing to offer to God except her shamefulness, so that she may go out to the world and spread the messages of love.
I tell you assuredly that if you calculate or weigh with human considerations you are not following God's Will. Instead, enjoy exultation, love and peace by uniting with the little soul chosen by me in a simple, childlike way, following the Lord and Me only with humility and obedience."

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