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2016September 15, 2016 - The Messages from Jesus

The Messages from Jesus received by Julia Kim of Naju
while editing the book on the Five Spiritualities
On September 15, 2016, Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

Even those souls who had been specially called were failing to stay awake; this was like stabbing the Holy Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother with sharp daggers. It was unbearably painful on my heart as well. I had a splitting headache which felt like it could explode like a volcano. Then, soot-black fluid mixed with bloody red began oozing out of my head, staining the bath towel under my head. In that moment, Jesus whispered to me with a concerned voice.


“My beloved little soul! How can you voluntarily choose to suffer such horrendous pain for the conversion of sinners, even risking your own life? When it’s hidden beneath your smile, how can secular people possibly imagine the excruciating pain, that you bear in attempt to save their souls with all your heart and strength without any rest?  

In order for even a drop of tears, blood, sweat, and deathly agony, you have experienced (千苦萬難) 
Now the hour has come. Compile a book on the Five Spiritualities as soon as possible so that all the leaders and children in the world may meditate the Five Spiritualities and put them into practice for their repentance. 

Do not worry. It is not to boast what you have done; it will wholly fill up the hearts of withered souls. The Five Spiritualities will make people practice the messages with more fervent, open people's closed hearts, and become a precious gift that leads them to seek My Mother and Me. Therefore, do not worry, but go ahead with the work that I have laid out for you.”

I responded with “Amen”. Since then, Albino Kim and Sr. Catherine Kim have begun to select relevant contents from the books (“The Way of Love for the Lord”, “The Fragrance of the Lord”, and “The Life prepared by the Lord”) and from the speeches that I made during the Prayer Meetings, to compile into the book of “the Five Spiritualities”.

However, the devils who are filling the sky and the earth(meaning that they are many) were determined to stop the work, frequently disrupting and harassing me.

After much difficulty and pain, I finally completed the booklet version on the Five Spiritualities of Naju. It was soon published and distributed on October 19, 2016. Soon, it was out of stock. We reproduced a new addition, and these were also sold out sooner than expected.

What an honorable work it would be if people can be saved by reading it and practicing the Five Spiritualities, even if I may no longer be in this world—especially since blessing from God the Father will be granted to them, instead of chastisement to this world!

God the Father also said on April 18, 2014 during Good Friday, “To practice the Five Spiritualities is the last weapon with which people can be saved”; he sent me back to the world to proclaim as such.


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