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2018August 4, 2018 - When you are in the state of Grace given by God, you must stay awake by practicing the Five Spiritualities at every moment of your life, keeping in mind the proverb: 舌斬身刀; “The tongue

The Message of Love from Jesus received by Julia Kim
of Naju, Korea on the First Saturday, August 4, 2018


Many people are dying and crying out painfully from injuries inflicted by various disasters and accidents caused by abnormal weather from all over the world. Tropical temperatures and unprecedented scorching heat have also plagued our country day and night, that even made the government warn the citizens against going outdoors.

Despite this scorching summer heat, I was still shivering from sudden chills due to my autonomic nervous system dysfunction, even with the electric warming mat turned on, and wrapping myself with electric warmers and blankets. On the contrary, I suddenly became heated up even with the air conditioner and fan turned on, and subsequently, my clothes were all soaked with sweat, and I could barely remain conscious and became short of breath.

Even when someone touched me gently, I became severely dizzy as if my body sank into a deep abyss with an extremely painful and crushing headache. The lower part of my breasts (participation in the pain of Jesus, the pains of side being pierced by a spear) swelled and became heated up making it difficult for me to breathe normally. My oxygen saturation, which used to drop tremendously at night, fell approximately to 80 over percentage points even during daytime, and so I had to wear an oxygen mask even at daytime.

I offered up my entire extreme sufferings which felt like squeezing everything out of my mind and body to mend the torn Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the sanctification of the clergy, and for all the pilgrims who would come for the first Saturday Prayer vigil.

The Golden sign out from Julia’s body when sheoffered up sufferings  
for pilgrims who would come for the firstSaturday Prayer meeting

I got terrible canker sores in my whole mouth and the flesh inside of my mouth was peeled and fell off in black chunks (in reparation for the sins committed by the mouth). My toothbrush was stained pitch-black while I was brushing my teeth.

When Julia brushed her teeth, the toothpaste was white but the brush turned black.

While brushing her teeth, Julia prayed to Jesusto remove the sins

committed by our tongues, and her toothbrush turned pitch-black

(The sign of Our Lord’s granting her prayers)

When I gladly offered up allthose pains to the Lord, thinking there is hope in my sufferings, He continued to grant me Signs.

I learned that the highest temperature yesterday on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain was about 41°C even under a shade. So I earnestly pleaded with the Lord around noontime (August 4).

Julia : “Oh, my extremely beloved Jesus! 2 to 3 o'clock (pm) is the hottest time of the day. (*The Stations of the Cross starts at 2:30) Even those who claim that they love You embark on trips for holidays to somewhere else cooler to maximize their pleasure. But here, we have pilgrims in Naju praying the Stations of the Cross with their bare feet on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain to console You and our Blessed Mother. How lovely they are because they are offering sacrifices under such suffocating heat! Are they?

As Your beloved children should not be affected by this heat under all circumstances, please provide a shade with clouds and a cool breeze sent forth from the Holy Spirit to relieve them of extreme heat.

And, would you please grant absolution to all Your children who will participate in the Stations of the Cross today for all their penances that they are supposed to do in Purgatory for their sins committed up to now?

These are Your children who came here to the Blessed Mother to seek the Truth in their throes of all kinds of persecutions. There might be sins they have committed unknowingly even though they thought they already confessed them; or there could be possibilities that there are certain penances that they have not fulfilled completely until now, even though they have made their confessions previously.

If so, they should finish all their penances in purgatory to be purified of their souls. I wish You would absolve all the temporal punishment for their sins here today. Please absolve them, would you? Then, I will offer suffering more gladly.” At that moment, I heard the kind and friendly voice of Jesus.

Jesus : “Yes, My beloved little baby, who participates in My Suffering and has chosen the way of subjecting yourself to every cruel treatment on My behalf as a faithful member of the people of God! I already gave up all of Myself even for the most wicked sinners; how could I deny such earnest plea of yours who offer up yourself completely as though your body and bones were being crushed and crumbled into powder(粉身糜骨)[1] for My sake! I will bestow abundant blessing through your extreme pains upon My children who pray together in unity with you in this holy shrine.

On the brink of the descent of the chastisement as God the Father's just wrath has risen high into the sky, your pleading will surely be granted because you are following Me and My Mother with absolute obedience, wholeheartedly and joyfully offering up extreme suffering as though your bones and body were being crushed into powder, (粉骨碎身)[2] in reparation for the sins of this world which faces the threat of massive degradation and the danger of total destruction even under severe persecutions like double deaths.

Our materialistic civilization has been reaching towards immeasurable degree, but spirituality of the human race has already turned corrupted thoroughly. Even though they are faced with calamities and disasters in barren wastelands, they are still indulging themselves by leading easygoing lives, claiming the good times of peace because they are spiritually blind and deaf.

Even the majority of the shepherds who have been ordained and anointed are still asleep and wrongfully leading the herds of sheep on the road to hell. Even the children who have been called by Me and said that they love Me are far from practicing the Five Spiritualities, not even one out of the Five. This is why your sufferings are so intensifying and severe as if you are undergoing near death (命在頃刻) How lamentable this has become!

My darling little soul who always confess that you are an unworthy sinner and participate in My Sufferings! Even though you have been cruelly insulted and suffered the terrifying pains from your torn heart, and even now with your legs and arms being twisted, you graciously offered them up crying out the Five Spiritualities for the salvation of the entire human race. Hence God the Father is holding back the release of His just wrath, and My Mother and I are consoled. 

To all the children ofthe world whom I love! Even if I have given My boundless love to all of you and nurtured you through My little soul (Julia), unless you manage carefully the graces I have bestowed on you, Satan could take them away from you anytime. Therefore, when you are in the state of Grace given by God, you must stay awake by practicing the Five Spiritualities at every moment of your life, keeping in mind the proverb: 舌斬身刀; “The tongue is a sword that can kill people.” and also practicing the proverb: 律己制行; “Always be careful of your behavior and control your mind."

If you do not avoid every possible situation which can lead you to sin and go on misusing your free will by choosing to join forces with the devils, you will become further and further away from the virtues that you have cultivated laboriously, and become deprived of what you have already had acquired so far. Then, the state of your soul will be so terrible that I cannot bear to see it (慘不忍見). Therefore, be sure to remember (銘心不忘) what I have told you so that you may achieve joy, love, and peace at every moment by practicing the Five Spiritualities.

My beloved children! It is time to separate empty heads of grain from the good ones. When you follow My Mother Mary as humble and little souls led and brought up through My little soul (Julia) and practice the Five Spiritualities here in Naju shrine, this very Holy City of God, you will achieve victory in all your spiritual battles.

Even when pitch darkness covers everything and violent raging waves threaten to sweep away the world, I will save you from such imminent crisis by clothing you with my coat of love, and help you escape to safety in the mantle of My Mother, and She will lead you to Heaven on the last day to enjoy eternal happiness.”

* On that day, pilgrims were supposed to be given the hats (to protect their heads from sweltering heat) during the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain. However, as clouds covered the sun with the cool blowing wind, they did the Stations of the Cross in cool comfort without the need for hats. All these were possible because the Lord Jesus kept His promises.

[1],[2] It means doing the best of your efforts regardless of the risks that followed in your life.

Four-character Chinese idioms used in Messages

  • 粉身糜骨 (The body is pressed down to such an extent as if it turned powdery and bones are grounded to pieces.) It means doing the best of your efforts regardless of the risks that followed in your life.
  • 命在頃刻 (Reaching to complete lifelessness, breathing your last) It is almost to the point of death.
  • 舌斬身刀 (The tongue is like a knife to impale into our neighbor's body) It means the word uttered carelessly can bring about the danger and destroy people. We must always watch our tongues. Thus we must cut off what is unnecessary and think and act prudently.
  • 律己制行 : Guard our mind always and behave ourselves at all times
  • 銘心不忘 : Bear this deeply in mind and do not ever forget

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