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2021June 23, 2021 - I will give the blessing of the Light of My Mercy and Love emanating from My Sacred Heart to save them all.

Message of Love from Jesus received
 by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on June 23, 2021

Thus far, Our Lord Jesus has appeared to me five times as Jesus of Mercy; twice in the chapel, twice at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, and once in my room. While I was praying at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, when I was attacked by the devil, or while I was offering up countless sufferings, etc., Jesus appeared and shone on me the golden light radiating from His Most Sacred Heart and two rays of light symbolizing His Blood and Water.

I saw Jesus has an extremely merciful and benevolent look beyond description. I then felt a strong desire to paint Him exactly as He appeared to me. Back then, I tried to paint Jesus of Mercy, who first appeared in the Chapel on December 8, 1997. Yet, I could not achieve my wish as it was an artwork beyond my field, so I gave up at the end.

On February 2, 2021, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, while I was praying, the image of Jesus of Mercy kept appearing on my mind. I was thinking to myself 'Ah, this must be the will of Jesus to reproduce the image of Jesus of Mercy as merciful as He is.' So, I began painting Jesus of Mercy Who appeared to me at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, using my computer. I think I must have painted thousands of times just for the light of Mercy alone. 

The colors of red rays of light flowing forth from the Sacred Heart were extracted from the numerous pictures of the Precious Blood that was shed miraculously from the Holy Eucharist and the Precious Blood that descended on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, inside the Chapel, and inside my residence, and from the pictures of the Blessed Mother’s Tears of Blood. With those colors I have extracted, I started to draw and paint the red rays of light stroke-by-stroke on my computer.

The colors of white rays of light were extracted from pictures taken from: the Holy Eucharist that descended from Heaven and of the Blessed Mother’s Milk.

From the background to the bottom and cloud, even every stroke used was extracted from the numerous pictures of all the miraculous signs from Naju. After extracting every color, I drew the whole scene and painted with them.

As I have seen, the light of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was golden. I extracted those colors from the pictures of the golden-colored Fragrant Oil that were exuded from the statue of the Blessed Mother by squeezing Her whole body, and the golden-colored Fragrant Oil from Baby Jesus, etc. 

I painted the golden-colors on the image, but I was astonished to see blood-colored lights that suddenly appeared and were painted together over the Sacred Heart Image.

It was Jesus Himself who granted the bloodied-colored hues. I wanted to try depicting the lights more realistically, but as Jesus personally gave the lights, I did not retouched them.

In addition, I put the images of all signs of graces bestowed on Naju on this Holy Image for countless of times repeatedly so that everyone who prays before this Holy Image may receive abundant graces. 

From the moment I started drawing Jesus of Mercy, the devils' attacks on me were extremely relentless to the extent that I could not do anything.

Nevertheless, I continued working with all my strength and my soul. The devils threatened me, but I did not surrender to them. As a result, they threw me hard onto the ground and beat me up. While I was painting on the computer, I had to wait for a long time after each stroke. Later, I found out that the performance of my computer was 4 times slower than a normal one. After working so hard to complete the Image including countless repairs and retouches everywhere from Jesus’ head to toe, the devils desperately interfered by erasing the file completely, and they scribbled on the final version, etc. 

While I was working, I caught a fever up to 43 degrees Celsius. My inflammation index soared high and my blood pressure dropped extremely low suddenly. I developed septicemia, but the hospital did not admit me due to my high fever amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of that, my suffering during Lent reached its peak, to the point of death. At the same time, the attacks from the devils of division were so devastating that I almost wanted to give up this work. 

No matter how intensely I was being harassed by the devils, I would say to myself, “Ah! The Image must be filled with so much grace that the devils of division are making me suffer unbearably, hiding themselves behind the people.” I would go for confession and offer up my sleep at night to continue and finish the work. After many hours and months of dedication and suffering, doing my best to paint the holy countenance of Jesus as He is, I have completed this Holy Image finally. 

I also wanted to design the best frame for this Holy Image so as to render the greatest honor and glory for Him. I was thinking, ‘How should I enshrine Him with the best honor?’ I attempted on many designs, and after making many samples, it was finally completed also. 

A 190cm Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy was placed on the wall of my room. The Image of Jesus looked real and alive. I was beside myself, enraptured with joy, kissing the Holy Image and jumping, then I said to Him. 

Julia : “O, Jesus, O... Jesus, O..... Jesus, my love, my dearest beloved Lord! You are my everything. Jesus! Thank you for being with me so that I can dare to draw and paint Your precious Image, especially Your Holy Face in spite of my unworthiness and lowliness.”

At the time, the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy shook. I exclaimed “Oh!!!” Then suddenly, Jesus in the Holy Image flew down in front of me. I was so surprised that I fell on the floor.

Jesus : “My beloved dear baby, do not be alarmed. I am Jesus Whom you truly treasure and love so much. 
My beloved little soul who is the apostle of the Sacred Heart of Mine and Immaculate Heart of My Mother, the apostle of the Eucharist! 
All these times, you have put in a lot of effort to paint Me exactly as I am. I am well pleased with My Image you have completed in this painting.
I will shine the light that flows forth from My Glorious Sacred Heart to all the children who put their trust in My Mercy so that all My children in the world may be saved through the light of My Mercy and Love. From now, I will be called by everyone as Jesus of Mercy in Glory. You also shall be called as the Apostle of My Mercy in Glory.”
Julia : “Amen!!! Thank you. But I’m an unworthy sinner. If You are pleased with the Image even a little, it is because You have painted it well. Whatever is lacking on the Image is because of me. I want to do better for you but I feel sorry for my inadequacy.”
Jesus : “You are always confessing that you are ‘an unworthy sinner’ while attributing all Glory to Me. You are My adorable little soul!”
Julia : “I just did what I’m supposed to do. Though unworthy as I am, if my tears, blood and droplets of sweat with my weakening consciousness to the brink of death could be of use for Your Glory and the repentance of all the sinners in the world, how happy my sufferings would be.”

Jesus : “O, My beloved adorable, little soul! For the repentance of even one more soul, you graciously offer up your extreme pain, which feels like tearing and digging of your live flesh, pushing you to the verge of death, with the mind of ‘sacrificing oneself to achieve goodness’(殺身成仁); My adorable little baby who is participating in My suffering, hiding your pain behind your smiles in order to deliver My Mercy and Love, only wishing all people may receive grace!

Though your feeble body has suffered all the terrifying pains like a heart being torn to pieces and legs and arms being twisted, you ‘demonstrated all your strength by risking your life until your body and bones are crushed into powder’ (粉身糜骨) and graciously offer them up, wishing for the repentance of sinners. Thus, God the Father in Heaven, is holding back the release of His just wrath, isn’t He? 
Seeing your such pains, which are ‘extremely dangerous and risky’(如履薄氷), I feel so sorry. But it is the pain of martyrdom that you committed yourself to offer up for the salvation of souls, what can I do! I am sorry and thank you.”

Julia : “O My Lord, my Jesus! This unworthy sinner doesn't know what to do as I am undeserving of Your praise. Please do not feel sorry to me. If this lowly sinner’s suffering might offer You the tiniest relief for Your Pains, that itself would be honor for me.” 
Jesus : “As I said before, because there is such a little soul like you who dedicate yourself as a sacrificial victim, offering reparations at every moment, God the Father said that even when you are only breathing, you are already playing a significant role in saving countless souls. It is because you are graciously offering up your excruciating and dreadful sufferings by sublimating them into the Five Spiritualities, so that even the most wicked sinners who are destined to hell may repent, and thus be saved.”

Julia : “Oh, my Love, my Lord! Though I am an unworthy, feeble and worthless sinner, I understand that now is an important time to separate the empty heads of grain from the good ones. Therefore, I humbly ask You to grant special grace to Your children who pray with this Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory and extend Your grace to their family members as well who are participating in the prayer so that all of them may be saved.”

Jesus : “Of course, I will. Your eagerness to depict Me was not out of your will, but from My Wish. I will transfuse My sublime love, with which I shed Blood and Water to the very last drop on the Cross, in order to wash away the filthy old stains of souls who are drenched in sin, so that every single tear and drop of blood that you shed while depicting me, participating in My gruesome and excruciating pains, will not be in vain. 

Therefore, to My children who practice the Five Spiritualities conveyed through My little soul who is called to the great role of the salvation of everyone, and remain united with her, I will bless them with the Light of Mercy and Love emanating from the fullness of My Love through My Sacred Heart and I will save them all. 
Receive the Light of My Mercy and blessing of Love, and spread the Five Spiritualities across the world tirelessly so that everyone may be saved.”
Julia : “Oh, My Love, the Savior who is my Everything! My Lord who is the Savior of all the children in the entire world! I will do my best even though I am unqualified. I am, indeed, an unworthy, weak, and poor sinner. However, please unsparingly use these sufferings that I offer up with my tears and blood that I shed, to the last drop, for the glory of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.”

Julia Kim offered  up the pains in repartation for the sins of lust, adultery, and abortion committed by other sinners on the Way of the Cross at the Blessed Mother's Mountain 

On the very next day while waiting for operation, her belly swelled up,
and she offered up the pains in reparation for the sins of abortion committed by others.
Right after the day of her Spinal Surgery on her back.,her belly swelled up immediately:
 * photo: The process(change) of the swelling of her abdomen.

Jesus : “My love, My little soul! You always confess that you are unworthy and the prayers you are offering are like dust, but those prayers combined with your extreme love and utmost devotion appease the just wrath of God, quenching the thirst of My Mother and Me just like an oasis in a desert. My baby! If those who are helping you collaborate with you on the work you are doing wholeheartedly, they will also receive the same reward as yours and will share joy with you beside My Mother and Me on the last day… Even though they know about this, they do not practice it by misusing their free will. It's regrettable whenever I see them this way. 
All My beloved children in the world!
 When Nineveh heeded Jonah’s words and repented, God the Father relented and did not destroy them. As such, if you practice the Messages of Love and the Five Spiritualities given through My little soul, you will be saved by the Light of Mercy emanating from My Sacred Heart and My blessing of love.

However, no matter how much grace you may have received, if you do not practice the Five Spiritualities but continue to indulge yourselves in doing evil; not repenting while ignoring the warning from God the Father, falling into the cunning devils who try to conquer the world and going along with them, much like Nineveh’s cruel destruction and collapse, the same will happen without exception. Therefore, always remember ‘The tongue is like a knife to impale into our neighbor's body.’ (舌斬身刀), and do not waste your time with unnecessary words but make haste to practice the Five Spiritualities.
Then the abyss that is situated between My Greatness and your lowliness will be filled up, and on the last day, you will see Your Lord God in the holy city prepared by Me and My Mother.

As My little soul's boundless efforts and her spirit of love indwell in My Holy Image, keep It in the center of your family ; meditate on it and practice the Five Spiritualities and pray. Then I will sanctify your spirit by always sending you the Light of My Mercy in Glory and Blessing of Love which are most sublime and purest, pouring out Blood and Water to the last drop unsparingly from My opened Sacred Heart. Thus, on the last day I will lead you to Heaven.”

Four-character Chinese idioms used in Messages

* 舌斬身刀 :
1. The tongue is like a knife to impale into our neighbor's body. We must always watch our tongues.

2. The word uttered carelessly can bring about danger and destroy people. Thus we must cut off what is unnecessary and think and act prudently.

* 如履薄氷 :
 Treading on thin ice A metaphor for a critical and dangerous status and imminent moment. In this message, Jesus used this metaphor to describe Julia’s delicate health condition.

When Julia Kim completed writing the message of love from Jesus,
 a rainbow appeared in the sky.

There were equally beautiful intense rainbows that appeared in her residence as well.


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