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2006October 16, 2006 - If Naju is approved, numerous souls will sincerely repent

Message on October 16, 2006

After spending several nights and days without sleep because of the continuing pains, I was deeply immersed in prayer and meditation thinking about the terrifying violence of the ord's ministers which I saw in a vision yesterday.  Suddenly I began hearing the kind voice of Jesus.


"My beloved little soul!  I love you who always say that you are incapable, unworthy, and unqualified.  With greater fervor, make the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist known to the children who do not know it.  I wish salvation realized even among the countless souls who are ungrateful, thanks to your bloody sacrifices united with My Love.

You are suffering an extreme persecution in the wounded and divided Church, and even the Eucharist, which is My Substance, is being disregarded through theories and reasoning infected with errors and heresies, but I always live together with you in you, who are offering up these hours of death agony well, and will encourage and help you.  Therefore, have no fear but with trust make Me, Who have externally shown (My) Love by moving alive and breathing and bleeding in the Eucharist, known to the Pope, my Vicar, chosen as the eldest son of the Church and the successor of Peter.

The priests, whom I have personally chosen and installed, have received the duty to take charge of My Precious Body and Blood (in the Blessed Sacrament)and look after the herds of sheep with love by providing them with nutrition so that they may grow spiritually, but the great majority of them do not realize the sanctity and importance of the priesthood, do not work for My Father's glory, but gloss over Me with ridiculous arguments and complicated reasoning, which is like throwing mud at the simplepeople.  What else is this but leading the herds of sheep, who are supposed to walk toward Heaven, to the widely-open gates of hell?

Because of this, My Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart suffer the pains of being torn into thousandsof pieces and tens of thousands of pieces, become active volcanoes flaming up vehemently, and cannot help shedding Blood.  However, so that none of these may be wasted, I am using every drop of blood and every drop of water through your bleeding death agony for the conversion of sinners.

The Pope, My Vicar and a beloved son of the Heavenly Queen and the Mother of all mankind, whom shehas personally raised and brought up and loves him so much that she can put him in her eyes without feeling any pain!

I, Who am present in the Mystery of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, am a spring that never dries, a medicine that can save diseased souls, and a doctor to the sick. Therefore, when the souls, hardened and warped because of sins,approach Me through the Sacrament of Confession, I will wash away their stains of sins thoroughly and let them remain in My Love, but how many of the children are truly repenting?

Because even the priests whom I have personally chosen have lost their ability to discern, they have forgotten the sublime simplicity of the Holy Eucharist, which is My Substance, and of the Gospel messages that I teach, are measuring with erroneous theories and reasoning, and are standing idly by as the sheep entrusted to them remain exposed to the temptations and threats by the terrifying wolves. This is why the bleeding efforts and sacrifices by My little chosen soul are necessary, and My little soul, who is the flower of My Mother's and My consolation, is participating in My pains by suffering the death agony, which is also the pain of labor, even experiencing moments of double deaths, trying to help Me and My Mother save the herds of sheep who have lost their ways and are wandering.  Instead of helping, they (the priests) are blocking the children's way of salvation, and, because of this, the wrath of God is flaming up in a terrifying way.

My beloved Pope and my Vicar, who has responded with Amen to the great role prepared with an utmost care by the Heavenly Queen, who is My Immaculate Mother!

As I have alreadysaid that I would finish the work that I started, I implore the Pope who has been called to be My Helper and has responded with Amen.  Because the approval is necessary for completing My work of salvation which I intend to accomplish through My little soul, I am calling upon the Pope, My Vicar.

In Naju where I have been showing through My daughter, whom I love extremely, that I am really alive and breathing in the Eucharist and am present with My flesh, blood, soul, and divinity (in the Eucharist), numerous souls are now being spiritually and physically healed through the grace of repentance and are meeting Me, the source of mercy and love, by sincerely receiving the Sacrament of Confession.  Also, through the practice of the prayers of life (turning everything in life into prayers), which is a shortcut to leading all the children in this world to perfection and sanctity, they are making progress toward perfection and sanctity moment after moment and day after day, but the shepherds are blocking their ways.  I implore (you) to display (your)utmost filial devotion so that the souls who have lost their ways and are wandering may sincerely repent and return to Me.

Two thousand years ago, I drank the cup of Passion by becoming nailed to the Cross, when the children of the world violated My infinite dignity and holiness like gusty winds and angry waves.  However, I was not finished with My death but resurrected from the dead on the third day, promising a new life to all of you, and, even at this time, I wish to save all the children in the world by shedding My Blood unsparingly.

There is no time to hesitate or procrastinate.  Since long ago, I have ardently wished that Mass be celebrated at this place where I am (present and working) with My Mother, but have been refused.  If Naju is approved, numerous souls who have been walking on the way to hell will sincerely repent, and the number of souls who turn their lives around saying as sinners, "It has been my fault," will increase.  Therefore, make active (your) saintly virtues and invite the numerous neighbors in the world to the banquet table in Heaven and help them possess the tree of eternal life."

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