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2014April 18, 2014 - So that all the children of this world may be perfectly armed with the Five Spiritualities that you have been exclaiming in Naju, propagate and widely spread them.

April 18, 2014

My pains had been intensifying since the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday (March 5, 2014). On Good Friday, 3 p.m., when the Stations of the Cross began, I was surprised by the onset of many pains including extreme abdominal pains in reparation for the sins of abortion.


At the Eleventh Station on the Way of the Cross, I meditated on the scene of the soldiers violently crucifying Jesus in the midst of the crowd raining scorn and ridicule upon Him. 

At the 11th Station, Julia participated in the suffering

of the crucifixion when meditating on the crucifixion of Jesus.

I felt intense pain in my heart. Suddenly, I heard such loud and piercing sounds of hammering that I felt as though my eardrums would burst. I earnestly said, "Lord, as I will participate in the Lord's pains, please save all these children." Immediately, I felt my hands and feet being pierced and my bones being crushed. I screamed loudly without even being aware, lost consciousness, and collapsed.

I arose with difficulty helped by those around me, and felt so foggy that I asked, "Where am I?" Meanwhile, my abdomen became so swollen in reparation for the sins of abortion that I could not even stand upright. With my body bent backward and supported by others, I walked with much difficulty toward the Twelfth Station.

At the Twelfth Station where Jesus remained crucified, lifted up high on the Cross, a Roman soldier pierced the Lord's right side with a spear, and its sharp tip penetrated His Heart. As I was participating in the Lord's pains, I screamed loudly again and fell down.


"God the Father! Receive my unworthy soul and save this world."

God the Father:

"My love, my little soul who strives with all her heart and strength to the point of exhaustion! Come closer." (holding my hand) Regardless of what the people of the world say about you, you are truly a shining morning star as you have only wished the salvation of the world and the repentance of sinners, offering up all you have for Me."


"I am truly an unworthy, trivial, and miserable sinner. Sometimes, I even wanted to run away. Nevertheless, if by chance there was any good that I did do, it would only have been what I ought to have done."

God the Father:

"You always lower yourself saying that you are unworthy and trivial. You bear resemblance to Mary, whom you call ‘Mommy’, in your humility that does not boast to anyone about the perfection in virtues that you have attained. As one of My faithful people, you have given up everything and have chosen the way of being cruelly treated and have gracefully offered up even those horrible sufferings so that even those priests rushing on the road toward hell may be saved, not giving up even one soul. What else can your prayers of love accompanied by your offering up those renouncements and sacrifices be other than bestowing genuine blessings upon the enemies? 

Even so, you make confession of even the most trivial things every day to come to Me without any flaw, blemish, or crease. My infant child! You graciously offer up the severe pains as sacrifices and reparations that you have to suffer continuously to bring those many souls, whom I have entrusted to you, to Heaven by sanctifying them to become little souls and for the repentance of those people who are as stubborn as the Israelites. That is why I call you 'a little soul who strives with all her heart and strength to the point of exhaustion.' 

Even those children whom I have specially called to help you for the salvation of the world are making your heart ache because they are not able to renounce their egos, but, through your sacrifices and prayers filled with love, they will eventually change and help you save numerous souls.  Therefore, do not reproach yourself too much. I have something to show you. Do you wish to see it?" 


"Yes, please show it to me."

God the Father:

"Yes, I will. Now, look."

As soon as He finished speaking, I was startled by the bright scene unfolding before me. I saw God the Father's throne, bright and radiant. God the Father, who had been holding my hand, had a long beard, shining brightly. In no time, He was sitting in the throne and looking upon me with a smile. On His right, Jesus smiled joyfully, waving His right hand, and, at His side, the Blessed Mother welcomed me with a smile. There also were numerous angels and Saints including those whose names I did not know, cheering and welcoming me. In particular, St. Andrew Dae-Gun Kim, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Pio of Pietrelcina nodded their heads approvingly. And Pope John Paul II and Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis were overwhelmed with joy and welcomed me. Fr. Santos who had been an eyewitness to the first Eucharistic Miracle in Naju and Fr. Philip Su who had also visited Naju were smiling.

God the Father had an angel show me several beautiful places in Heaven. At one place, there were many books piled up and, next to them, there were many Trees of Life.  Among them there was a large book placed on a beautiful jade-color tray. The brightly colored light radiating from this large book was extremely beautiful. It was the Book of Life. In addition, there were numerous other books piled up. They were books of sins and were countlessly many.

The Angel:

"When those who were purified with the Blood of the Lamb are perfectly armed with the Five Spiritualities and live according to the Words of God, they will cause fruit to be borne on the Tree of Life and their names will be recorded in the Book of Life. This means they will live in Heaven.

On the other hand, all of the sins of those who violated the Ten Commandments, committed abortions or murders, and especially those who were indulged in judging their neighbors, slandering, causing discord with lies, and influencing others to commit sins are recorded in the books of sins. When the Lord judges them on the last day, He will announce punishments according to the sins recorded in the books without omitting even one. The only place they will occupy is the sea of fire and brimstone flaming up  vigorously where maggots swarm.

(The angel showed me another place and said) God, Who is Love, will not be a judge to even the most evil sinner if he repents, and will open the door of mercy widely and allow him to enter. But those who refuse to enter through the widely-opened door of mercy until the last moment will have to go through the door of justice."

In Heaven, neither electric light nor sunlight is necessary, as the beautiful and brilliant light flowing forth from God, Who is Light, fills and brightens Heaven.  The angel asked me to look at a spring as clear as crystal and shining brilliantly.  From the spring the water of life that would not dry up in eternity was flowing.  As the angel asked me to drink a cup of the water, I drank it.  It tasted exactly the same as the Water of Grace in Naju which the Blessed Mother gave us. When I said "Thank you" to the angel and was about to bow down to him, the angel said.

The Angel:

"Do not do this.  I am no more than a servant laboring for God just like you, the prophets, and the people who follow the Words recorded in this Book. Give worship only to God."

When the angel finished speaking, God the Father said.

God the Father:

"My beloved little soul! I have already revived you from death several times to make use of you and sent you out into the world. However, I am now weary of the children of the world who do not listen to My Words. Look at this world which has turned into a state of extreme disorder." 

As soon as He finished speaking, the miserable scene of this world was unfolded. The world was darkness itself. Already in this world, moral principles and natural laws were discarded and the sins of obscenity were being committed day and night and by men and women of all ages and even ignoring the blood relations. The scene was so disgusting and gave me goose bumps. I could not look at it with my open eyes any more.

Furthermore, the sins of judging others with their mouths were overflowing among men and women of all ages, the wealthy and the poor, and the noble and the base. The devil of division was busily coming and going to instigate people to rashly judge and slander others.

Whenever people slandered, judged, and caused discord, maggots came out of the people's mouths. When they slandered, judged, and caused discord, the number of maggots in the people's mouths multiplied rapidly and they stuck to the other persons and crawled around disgustingly. Seeing this, the devils leapt with great glee.  Because these scenes were so disgusting, I screamed.

Besides these sins, numerous other sins were being committed, but the most serious ones were the sins of obscenity and the sins of slander and rash judgment. Because of these sins, so many people were rushing toward hell instead of purgatory. The road to purgatory was lightly used, but the road to hell was filled with lines of people.

The rich were going to all lengths to increase their possessions; those who were in high positions dominated but tried to become higher without limit; the proud became prouder without knowing that they were proud; and the sins of being jealous of others, hating others, slandering others, and causing discord were being committed without end. I saw these people racing with one another toward hell without even knowing that they were headed to hell, and felt so anxious. Then, God the Father said.

God the Father:

"What would you do about this world? Can you just keep looking at this world which has descended into extreme disorder or do you wish to send down punishment?" 


(weeping,) "It has become a world that surely deserves punishment. However, look at the Pope who is a little soul, those who have the same mind as he, and the little souls who are praying in Naju, and do not send down punishment." 

God the Father:

"Yes, because there is a little soul like you who are working with all your heart and strength and are obedient with joy-filled heart and utmost devotion, I cannot send down the punishment. I wish to send chastisement on this world filled with sins, but as My little soul, who has laid down even her life unsparingly and is a subject of Mine most trusted and valuable, is earnestly soliciting Me with tears, I do not have the heart to lower My Hand of Justice which has been raised high.

If you want the world to be saved, go out to this world one more time and work for the repentance of sinners. So that all the children of this world may be perfectly armed with the Five Spiritualities that you have been exclaiming in Naju, propagate and widely spread them. That alone is the last weapon with which they can be saved. As My Son and Mary have anxiously said, the prayers of life that are offered up with utmost devotion and with the perfect arming with the Five Spiritualities are the most sublime prayers that fill and fill again the abyss between My Greatness and your triviality that enable one to go to Heaven as a humble soul.

How can a soul become sanctified by just sitting idly and reciting the formalized prayers in a superficial manner? The prayers of life, which can be offered most devotedly at every waking moment, are the prayers completed by My infinite mercy, through your love interspersed with sacrifices and reparations during the journey of your life so far.  Therefore, do not worry at all but get up and go out to the world and make it known."  


"Father, I don't want to. I do not want to go out to the world. Numerous people and even priests are committing sins, because I am so unworthy. If I am not there, they will not commit sins because of me."

God the Father:

"Child! Because a little soul like you is there, I have not been sending down the punishment on the world. If you do not go back to the world, I have no choice but to send down the punishment. I know well about your pains, but stop behaving like a spoiled child, and go down to the world."



"Even so, I don't want to. I am too unworthy. I cannot even do the work that I wish to do." 

God the Father: 

"My baby, even when you are only breathing, you play a significant role in saving numerous souls, and you know well that this is being achieved through the prayers of the most sublime Five Spiritualities. Then, why are you being so stubborn? Don't you know well that even through all your sufferings for reparation today, numerous souls will be saved by receiving the grace of repentance?" 


"Father, I am only an unworthy sinner." 

God the Father:

"Yes, yes, because you have labored while confessing that you are truly a sinner, I have called you a most trusted and valuable subject who strives with all her heart and strength to the point of exhaustion."


"Then, as I am so unworthy, is there another priest who can guide me?" 

God the Father:

 "If the priests were truly awake, the world could have been different. Since your childhood, My Son has guided you through His invisible Presence, and when you were preparing for death from cancer, My Son saved you from death. And is He not continuously guiding you even until now? 

Who in this world can be better than My Son? Do not worry about anything, but go out to the world and more forcefully make known the Five Spiritualities, completed through your life that was tempered in the charcoal brazier of pains, and make known especially the prayers of life.  Therefore, from now on, the priests should actively take the lead in practicing the Prayers of Life and invigorate the people to do the same. Now, receive the Light of My Mercy." 

The Light was shone upon me. At that moment, the black curtain was removed and the door of the sky was opened. The Light of Mercy was poured down and illuminated everyone who were praying on the Way of the Cross of the Blessed Mother's Mountain. God the Father resumed speaking.

God the Father:

"Make this known to the clergy, religious, and lay children who have been specially called for the salvation of the children in this world." 


"Yes! Father."

God the Father:

"You know well that it was said that of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels nor the Son. That is true. If (people) do not listen to My Words and the Words that My Son Jesus and Mary have repeatedly said even showing the immeasurable and unprecedented miracles and do not wake up, singing of peace and prosperity, My right Hand already raised high will be lowered and this world will become a sea of fire. 

All the children must not forget that Sodom, Gomorrah, and nearby towns were blanketed with sulfuric fire and that when Noah built the ark, all those who to the end did not listen to My Words conveyed through Noah were submerged in the Deluge and must remain awake.

If this world does not repent, cannot liberate itself from the sins of obscenity, and continues to engage in judging, slandering, inciting discord with lies, and false accusations even if My little soul cries out with all her heart and strength until she collapses from exhaustion, the maggots that crawl out of their mouths will swarm in every valley. In hell, no matter how long the maggots may gnaw on them, the punishment will not end, the maggots will not die in the eternal fire, and the fire will never be extinguished.

Understand clearly and thoroughly that I, the God of Mercy, gave you one more chance to achieve victory with love and in unity with My little soul, who works with all her heart and strength until she collapses from exhaustion, and become comforters of My little soul, who is a subject of Mine most trusted and valuable, so that everyone in the world may be saved. Doing so is also truly the way to console Me. She, who has been called to a great role of saving the world, is always suffering and crucified with My Son Jesus on Calvary. Beloved baby! Now, get up."

Then, God the Father blew breath into my mouth. When I was brought around, I got up and saw my abdomen restored to its normal condition from its previous extreme swelling to the point of bursting in reparation for the sins of abortion.



Difficult words used in the above messages from God the Father


盡悴 (진췌): Striving with one’s all heart and strength until one collapses from exhaustion

股肱之臣 (고굉지신): A subject whom the King considers most trustworthy and valuable

以悳報怨 (이덕보원): Bestowing genuine blessings on enemies

苦心血誠 (고심혈성): Utmost devotion of striving with all heart and strength

心悅誠服 (심열성복): Being obedient with joy-filled heart and utmost devotion

晃然大覺 (황연대각): Understanding clearly and thoroughly

When God breathed into Julia, she had risen from the dead(Her abdomen returned to normal)


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