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2006June 30, 2006(2) -The cunning devil of division, who plans disasters

Message on June 30, 2006 (2)

I prayed the rosary together with the seven priests from abroad and other pilgrims, walking on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain.  When we finished the rosary prayer before the place where the stones stained with Our Lord's Precious Blood were preserved, I saw a most beautiful ray of blue light, more brilliant than the sunlight and clearer than a crystal, shining from Jesus on the Crucifix on the Calvary Hill.  First, it shone five times and, then, seven times.  While I was looking at this blue light, which was not of this world, totally fascinated by its extreme beauty, Jesus began speaking with a voice filled with love and kindness.

My beloved children who have been called with love and have responded with Amen!  
I bestow the light of My mercy and love on all of you gathered to commemorate My Mother's shedding tears for the conversion of all the children in the world.

I wear the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown and am nailed to the cross because of the sins of the children in the world, and My Mother exudes fragrant oil by squeezing her whole body, but, because of My little soul who participates in the suffering and the souls like you who try to imitate her, (Our) burning thirst is being quenched.  Even if I lay down everything for you, would I regret any of it?

Even the shepherds and children whom I have specially chosen and installed say that they are making Me and My Mother known, but are glossing over the truth with smooth but heretical words that are based on farfetched reasoning and, thus, violate the infinite sanctity and dignity of God.  This is so terrible that I cannot even look straight at it and am suffering the pains of Me and My Mother being crucified again. 

My extremely beloved children!  The cunning devil of division, who plans disasters, is devising all kinds of schemes for confusing the clergy and the simple-hearted souls, who have been called, making them incapable of discernment and infected with errors so that the souls of the people in this current world may become desolate and be led to the road to hell.  Therefore, do not ever think complacently but have confidence in the messages, which My Mother and I are giving you and are based on love which is an invincible weapon, and put them into practice faithfully.

If you do so, you will be victorious over the devils, who fill the skies and the earth, and will be elevated to Heaven.  Therefore, do not worry with human thinking or hesitate but boldly make the most sublime and pure Love of Me and My Mother known to all the children in the world.

I will lay down the totality of My Love, not withholding even one drop of My Blood or water, for you who have responded with Amen to My call and gathered (here), and, thus, will heal your desolate souls and bodies as well as your sick families so that they may become filled with life again.  Therefore, I want at least you who are supposed to know Me to pray for the those who indulge themselves in doing evil and the extremely wicked sinners who are rejecting Me and My Mother.

My clergy and all the children in the world who have been called and have responded with Amen!  As even many of the clergy, whom I have personally installed, are forgetting about the important mission entrusted to them, abandoning even their consciences, thickly covering themselves with hypocrisy under the cloak of making Me known, violating the Sixth and Eighth Commandments without restraint, and even trying to be treated well and reign in the world, I want at least you, who have been called, to wake up in haste and take the lead in saving the world with the transcendence of My Love with which I shed My Blood.

Today, as the light of My immeasurable Love which is most sublime and pure and pours out of My Sacred Heart for all of you and the light of the limitless Love of My Mother who loves you so much will flow not only to you but also to your families, receive the benediction that overflows with boundless blessing, love, and peace.

Jesus gave the blessing by raising His right hand. On His right side, the Blessed Mother stretched out her mantle to cover all the children present.  When we were doing the Litany of the Saints, the skies opened and the Saints and Angels appeared and prayed with us.  The beauty was beyond description.



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