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2007Message of Love from the Blessed Mother received by Julia Kim of Naju, Koreaon on December 30, 2007

Message on December 30, 2007

While I was offering up extreme pains, so severe that I could hardly move myself, for the intention that the Holy Father Benedict XVI, the successor of Peter and the eldest son of the Church, His Eminence Ivan Cardinal Dias, and all the clergy in the world will all be embraced in the Blessed Mother’s bosom of love, which is larger than the universe, and be united as one so that the Lord’s Kingdom may be established in this world, I heard the kind voice of the Blessed Mother.

THE BLESSED MOTHER : "My beloved daughter!
As this Heavenly Mother, who loves and comforts you, will let you, my dear babies, know and have insight into the amazing plan of salvation, make haste to take courage and exert yourselves to the utmost together with my daughter whom the Lord and I have personally chosen and appointed so that all the children in this world may be united with the Pope, my beloved first son of the Church, and be embraced in my bosom of love, larger than the universe. 

My beloved sons who have been called as my helpers!  Because of all kinds of sins committed by the numerous children of this world, who have been perpetrating countless grave offenses against God, this current age has become a truly frightful world.  That is why I have been repeating the same words again and again in Naju, Korea, and am making this urgent request.  Please accept this Mommy’s words and do your share of the work in saving this world. 

Even many of the clergy, who, through obedience, are supposed to form total unity with the Pope personally installed by the Lord, are not being obedient to him or uniting with him but are infected with the modernist theology and errors, are compromising with the world, are arrogantly feigning the truth, and are spreading malicious false rumors in the name of the teaching authority.  In addition, how numerous are the heretics and false prophets at many places in the world who are using my Son Jesus’ name and mine driving the Holy Church into a whirlpool of confusion with cunning deceptions!  Because of this, my Heart has been burning so vehemently that it is now an active volcano.

My most beloved sons!  There is no more time to hesitate or procrastinate.  The numerous souls in the world who are blind and deaf are incessantly rushing along the road to hell, but God does not wish even one soul to be abandoned and, with His boundless love, which is so deep, high, and wide, has assigned a task of extreme importance to you for the purpose of correcting them.  Bear this fact deeply in mind and make haste.  

Eucharistic miracles have been given many times through my daughter, who is a little soul, to inform the many clergy and numerous children who do not clearly know that the Lord is really present, alive and breathing in the Eucharist with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.  Nevertheless, even the clergy, who have been given the duty to take care of the Sacred Host and the Precious Blood, provide spiritual nourishment to the herds of sheep entrusted to them, and look after them with love so that they may grow spiritually, are not accepting (the Eucharistic miracles) but gloss over the Lord with sophistries and complicated reasoning, which is the same as throwing mud at the innocent people.  Because of this, the herds of sheep, which should walk toward Heaven, are being led to the wide-open gates of hell.

To comply with the Lord’s intention to save and lead the children in the world to the new life of resurrection through His Precious Blood and Sacred Body, by which He wished to be with them, alive and breathing, all the signs and the messages of love in Naju, Korea, must be officially recognized by the Church without a day’s delay. 

If Naju, Korea, where fruits of love are being borne in clusters, is officially recognized, the Church threatened by heresies and infected with errors will be reformed and become the place of salvation where the clergy and religious are spiritually sanctified and sinners repent so that even the numerous souls who are walking toward hell will be saved.  Therefore, I wish that you help so that Naju will be officially recognized as promptly as possible. 

When the messages of love which the Lord and I have given are made known all over the world, even the clergy who have fallen into errors will repent, become holier priests, carry out their duties faithfully, and do their best to accomplish their role as transfusers and ministers of the Lord.  Also, if all the clergy accept and put into practice the method of turning everything in life into prayers together with the messages of love which I have given through my daughter, (people’s) lives will be changed, and the Church, which has become as corrupt as it can, will be reformed, and the herds of numerous sheep will repent, be freed from the road to hell, and walk toward Heaven.  Then, God the Father’s just wrath will be appeased.  

My beloved sons who have been nurtured by this Heavenly Mommy with extreme love!
When you accept and carry out the task entrusted to you, who have been specially chosen, you will realize how extremely important it is.  As it is about the Church being reformed by the irresistible love and power of the Holy Spirit and renewed by the Second Pentecost through chain reactions more powerful than a nuclear reaction, in place of the chastisement which is to be brought down upon this world, I ask you to make haste.

I will help you through my invisible presence and, with your help, will restore anew what has been destroyed by Satan; my Immaculate Heart will surely triumph; and, on the last day, you will inherit the Tree of Eternal Life, which Adam and Eve had lost, receive and wear the royal crown escorted by the angels, and enjoy eternal happiness at my side."

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