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2007December 1, 2007 -Receive the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the Word, and valiantly spread the messages of love.

Message on December 1, 2007

On the First Saturday of the last month ofthe year, from about 8 p.m., we prayed the rosary walking on the Way of the Cross at the Blessed Mother's Mountain.  While praying, an extremely beautiful blue light appeared before us and continued to illuminate our way until we reached the Lord's Crucifix on Mt.Calvary.  This beautiful round light, which was unlike anything of this world, entered the image of Jesus on the Crucifix when we arrived at Mt.Calvary.  I was enraptured by this scene and conversed with several other people near me.  When I got closer to the Crucifix, I saw some body fluid dripping down from the hems of the cloth that covered part of Jesus'body.  At that moment, I heard Jesus'voice from His image on the Crucifix. 

"My beloved little soul!  
So that the clergy may be sanctified and even the sinners who are drained even of their human nature and are hardened with the cruel and extremely wicked sins of blasphemy may receive the grace of repentance through My most sublime and pure love and the mystery of salvation earned through the inestimable sufferings on the Cross, you offer up the prayers that are filled with the love interspersed with your sacrifices of participating in My sufferings in reparation for their sins, even in the midst of all kinds of criticisms, persecutions, and insults, and are so ardent and anxious as to tear live flesh off human nature.  How can I not be moved?                       
Even when God the Father had to personally rain down sulfurous fire from the sky on Sodom and Gomorrah, burning the cities, all their inhabitants, and even all the vegetation on the ground and destroying the towns in the basin, He remembered Abraham.  As He saved Lot from the destruction even while overthrowing the city where Lot had lived, the children who rush to Me through Mary, My Mother, and pray in unity with you will surely be saved.

Nevertheless, if even the clergy whom I choseand installed by anointing them do not repent but gloss over the truths by trying to appear reasonable with cleverly made-up, irrational words, the disasters that occur in the sky, on the ground, and in the seas will be unavoidable.  Should the innocent people be victimized because of those who are unrepentant and have fallen into wicked traps?

My beloved children who have been called, responded with Amen and rushed (here), and are praying offering up sacrifices!  You, who totally entrust yourselves to and rely on Me and My Mother while receiving all kinds of insults, persecutions, and criticisms with groundless words, need not worry.  It must be difficult for you for now, but I and My Mother will be with you, your hearts will overflow with joy, and no one will be able to take that joy away from you.

Of what use has the human arrogance been and what good have reputation, power, and wealth, of which humans have boasted, brought?  All these will vanish like a shadow and dissipate like groundless rumors, but if you draw closer to Me through My Mother and put the messages of love into practice, We will watch over your every move so that you may be extremely safe and prosperous.  Thieves come to steal and kill the sheep, but I have come to let the sheep receive new life, receive more of it, and have it in abundance.

My beloved children!  I am the Good Shepherd.  Regardless of what humiliation you may be suffering and regardless of where in this vast world you may be while following Me and My Mother, do not worry, as I and My Mother will watch over you and look after you.  Good shepherds sacrifice their lives for their sheep.  Hired men abandon the sheep and run away when they see wolves coming, because the sheep are not theirs.  Then, wouldn't the wolves devour the sheep and take them away, and the herds of the sheep scatter in all directions?

As the enemies you must confront and fight are not humans but the evil spirits of authority and power and the rulers of the dark world, the devils, totally arm yourselves with the messages of love.  Only then, you will be able to confront the clever devils who fill the skies and the earth, completely defeat them, and win victory over them.  For that purpose, stand firm on the foundation of the messages of love; gird your waist with the belt of truths; arm yourselves with love and justice; clad your feet with the Gospel of peace; and always bear the shield of love and the Holy Spirit in your hands through faith.  Only then, you will be able to stop the arrows of fire, which the devils shoot at you, and extinguish them.  Also, receive and wear the gleaming helmet of the Holy Spirit; put on the armor of the Holy Spirit; and receive the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the Word, and valiantly spread the messages of love so that all the children in the world may put them into practice.

Those who have joined forces with the devils and have become impoverished and exhausted will not be able to find water even if they look for it and their tongues will become parched with thirst, but you, who follow Me and My Mother and put the messages of love into practice, will surely be saved regardless of what kind of circumstances you may be in.  Even on a dry, desert-like land, I will let milk and honey flow, and, on the last day, you will enjoy eternal happiness before My Throne in My Kingdom, at My Mother's side, escorted by the angels, and together with the Saints."

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