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2007December 15, 2007 -The day when the opponents'mouths will be closed and they will repent is not far off.

Message on December 15, 2007

There was a Mass during the retreat for the volunteer helpers from all the regions in Korea. After the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Eucharist began with the offertory with incense.  While the fragrance from the censer was spreading, an auspicious light radiated from the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, who was exuding fragrant oil through her statue, and illuminated the chest and the head of the priest, who was celebrating the Mass, alternately several times.  Then, the light radiated up and down between the priest's head and feet several times as if drawing a circle.

Many of the participants in the Mass saw this light from the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart stretched long horizontally above and around the altar.  The hazy light, fragrance and smoke together circulated around the priest as if dancing silently.  While I was looking at this mysterious scene fascinated by it, I heard the loving, kind, and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My extremely beloved children who have been called and responded with Amen!  Thank you.  As you, who entrust everything to, rely on, and make known my Son Jesus and me, are gathered here and offer up prayers along with love and sacrifices, what can there be that I would not grant you?  The grace will flow not only into you who totally believe, trust and follow (Us) but also into your families for whom you pray; and they will also be guarded and protected and participate in the glory of my Son Jesus and me on the last day.  Therefore, never fear or hesitate but stand up promptly and cry out with unparalleled courage. 

In this current age, the great majority of the politicians are unable to form unity with one another but revile, trample, growl at, and fight against one another, while asserting their self-righteousness; and, because even the superiors in the Church, who should love God, make Him known, become sanctified from within, and correct the miserable world and all the children surrounded by the curtain of darkness and lead them to Heaven, are spiritually blind, deaf, and crippled and are corrupting the souls of the numerous herds of sheep and leading them to hell, the numerous children who follow the erring shepherds are alienating themselves from God and are already becoming murderers in their hearts.  How is this unlike Cain's killing of Abel?

My beloved children who rejoice when you see the truth and follow my Son Jesus and me even in the midst of all kinds of persecution!  Even if you are mistreated like the sheep that are brought to the slaughterhouse and are faced with the hour of trials, the Lord and I, who love you so dearly, will guard and protect you.  If you do not look back but persevere remaining steadfast until the end, you will be elevated to Heaven on the last day.  Therefore, do not worry or fear under any circumstances.

My lovely sons and daughters!  Right now, even the shepherds whom my Son Jesus personally installed by anointing them are interfering with and criticizing the work that my Son Jesus and I are doing and are joining forces with the devils, who fill the skies and the earth and instigate (the shepherds) to criticize others while covering up their own mistakes and become like animals inside while appearing human outside.  Because of this, the Hearts of my Son Jesus and me are flaming up violently, but this priest, who celebrates the Mass today and becomes a flower of consolation courageously and with the heart of a martyr for the sake of the little soul whom I chose and the herds of sheep entrusted to her, and you, who have been called and responded with Amen, are not compromising with the cowards but are following my Son Jesus.  Because of this, you are blessed.

Your sighs and tears while you were following and making known the Lord and this Mother and were suffering persecutions will soon turn into joy.  And the day when the opponents' mouths will be closed and they will repent is not far off.  Therefore, I wish that you would not worry but maintain the dignity of a person who is saved and transcends (the world) and go forward valiantly.  Then, your names will be recorded in the Book of Life in the Heavenly Kingdom and you will become prosperous with the graces from God, inherit the Tree of Eternal Life, and enjoy the Life of Resurrection filled only with joy, love, and peace."



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