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2007December 25, 2007 -Rejoice over the persecutions.The Heavenly Kingdom is yours.

Message on December 25, 2007

On Christmas Eve, I suffered several kinds of extreme pains and could hardly open my eyes or move myself. I felt as if I were almost unconscious. I participated in the celebration of the feast, offering up my pains in penance for the sins of impurity committed by all those who have degraded themselves becoming the slaves of their sensual desire and enjoying all kinds of pleasure at this hour of the Nativity of Jesus when they should concentrate themselves physically and spiritually on worshipping Him, Who came to this world to save it.

At about 3 a.m., I was surprised to see tears glistening in the right eye of the Baby Jesus and looked more closely. The tears increased gradually, which was witnessed by the priests and other pilgrims who were at the celebration. At that moment, I heard the kind voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My extremely beloved daughter who has been called and responded with Amen! The numerous people of the world and even many of the shepherds who say that they have been called are giving pain to this Mommy's Heart, because they love their pleasure more than God and are mired in sinful pleasures instead of worshipping the Infant Jesus Who became incarnate to save this world.

However, as Moses considered the insults he suffered for the sake of God, Yahweh, more valuable than the power and wealth of Egypt, you have chosen the way of suffering cruel treatment as one of the true people of God, keeping distance from the sinful pleasures and offering up all the sufferings and the pains of internal bleeding experienced in the present world where you stay for a short while and then will leave. What else can this be other than filling the heavenly treasure house with treasures?

My sons whom I love so much that I can put you in my eyes without any pain! Rejoice over the persecutions you suffer while working to help the little soul chosen to work for my Son Jesus and me. The Heavenly Kingdom is yours. All who believed in my Son Jesus and wanted to lead a devout life suffered persecutions.

As Moses did not fear the wrath of Pharaoh, the king with absolute power, you, who are my favorite sons whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pains, are welcoming the Messiah Who came to save all the peoples with God's power and God's wisdom. The prayers that you offer up most sincerely together with my beloved children are becoming reparations for the sins that numerous children commit by violating the infinite dignity of God and, therefore, are giving much consolation to the Lord and me.

Even some of the shepherds anointed and installed by the Lord Himself have been degraded to the agents of the devils who will be defeated, have joined forces with Satan, my enemy, who is trying to overturn this world into darkness, and, thus, are walking along the way of self-destruction taking with them the numerous ignorant souls by conspiring with a secular, public broadcast company to confuse the world and deceive people so that your Lord and this Mommy, who are unfolding the economy of love in Naju, may be accused as heretics.

Even so, the great majority of the shepherds remain indifferent, turning their faces away, refusing to get involved, compromising with the flow of the world, and becoming shaky, because they are only interested in saving their faces, being attentive to others?ears and eyes, and seeking their own security. Because of this, even on this joyful Christmas, the Infant Jesus cannot help but to shed tears. Remembering His tears, graciously offer up the extreme pains that you suffer while cooperating in the Lord's work to save all the children in the world for the sake of the Lord and this Mommy, even if they are too heavy and painful.

My extremely beloved children! As I had offered up the Infant Jesus in the temple, I offered up your souls on God's altar today. Therefore, if you make strenuous efforts to accomplish the most sublime mission entrusted to you, Satan, who is afflicting you, will retreat and, before long, you will see the dawn of the new era and thus will be blessed with joy, love, and peace. And, on the last day, you will receive and wear the laurel crown at my side before the Lord's throne and enjoy eternal happiness.


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